Legal professionals often prefer to have full control of their duties. But the legal process usually entails mountains of paperwork. Drafting a deposition subpoena is one of those paperwork-intensive tasks that can require time and concentration. Fortunately, subpoena preparation services are available from Fund Capital America (through On-Call, a subpoena service company) to help your law firm run more smoothly.

A subpoena is a request for someone to appear in court or produce required documents for a legal proceeding. While that might not sound too complicated, issuing a subpoena requires preparing specific documents, starting with a letter of demand for the request. The process can be time-consuming for one case, let alone for a legal practice managing multiple cases at once.

Why Do I Need a Subpoena Preparation Service?

There are many considerations when preparing and serving a subpoena. The workload can strain a law firm staff faced with numerous administrative tasks. You should consider using a subpoena preparation service for these reasons:

Aside from accurate and efficient record copying, our subpoena preparation services include tabbing, indexing, and Bates stamping. The capabilities provided by On-Call enable us to expedite the issuance of subpoenas. They also allow your firm to be more productive and invest more time and energy into addressing clients’ legal challenges.

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