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Los Angeles is the pride and joy of the golden state, California. With its sandy beaches, the famous Hollywood sign, and Santa Monica Pier; LA is a hot spot of hustle, bustle, and fun for everyone. However, whether you’re spending the day at the Griffith observatory or making your way to Laguna Beach, accidents happen that result in injuries.

Personal injuries begin the cycle of doctor’s appointments, attorney fees, and court hearings. Fund Capital America is available to provide the needed support for both attorneys and their clients as they navigate this lengthy process. Pre-settlement funding options are available for those who require a cash advance on their settlement prior to the court’s decision on the case.

Los Angeles, California

Services We Provide

Fund Capital America provides support to both victims of accidents and their attorneys for a smoother litigation process. Our services are all-encompassing and will provide you with the solution you need for your case. We provide a variety of services that are outlined below:

As a victim of a car accident, you may find yourself short on cash as you struggle to pay legal fees for representation. With our cash advances services in Los Angeles, you will receive an advance on your settlement to help ease your financial burden.

Fund Capital America offers insurance research services that will help find the policy and insurance rate that will fit your needs. Our expert staff is versed in insurance policies, terms, and the benefits they offer. They will help ensure you have the proper coverage for your future needs.

Fund Capital America offers an extensive medical directory for attorneys and their clients who require medical assessment and treatment for their injuries. Our directory of providers is hand-picked and rigorously screened to provide the absolute best care possible. This service will provide you with doctors who are specialized in providing treatment and pain management for injured patients.

Additionally, we have staff who will assist injured clients in locating and scheduling doctor’s appointments. They will provide your client with the courtesy and attention that can only be expected of a Concierge Scheduling service like ours.
Whether you’re the plaintiff, the attorney representing the plaintiff, or the treating physician, you may find yourself in a predicament of low cash flow as you await the court’s decision. We provide medical-legal financing that will cover medical or legal fees prior to the court’s settlement.

If you’re a medical provider who treats injured patients, you’re often faced with long periods of slow claim payouts. With Fund Capital America, you have the option to leverage your medical receivables for medical lien financing to offset your recurring expenses as you wait for a patient’s settlement to process.

At Fund Capital America, you’ll find a great bouquet of available law firm services. Our team of highly trained experts is available to help with writing demand letters, propounding subpoenas, and collecting all of the information required for the deposition of subpoenas.

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