Understanding The California Legal Funding Process

Chances are, legal funding is a much simpler process than you think.  Before looking into obtaining settlement funding, however, you need to make sure that you have already retained a personal injury attorney to handle your accident claim.  Settlement funding is not for the purpose of paying for an attorney.  An attorney will not be paid up front for injury claims.

Once this is in place, you should fill out our online form which outlines the basic details of your accident.  We combine this information with data we collect from your attorney to determine what a fair amount of funding would be to offer you.

We will then make you a funding offer, of which you may accept as much as you think is necessary to sustain you through the litigation process.  This cash funding is typically sorely needed by clients who have bills to pay and are often unable to work because of the injuries sustained in the accident.


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No Repayment

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If you or anyone you know is injured in an accident that was not your fault, we can help

Legal Funding Process in California

The legal funding process in California is simple: the complainant, or injured party, contacts FCA Legal Funding for financial assistance with paying their expenses while unable to work.  The latter would then request detailed case documentation from the complainant’s attorney.  

The entire process is paperless.

Once all the information is gathered, it is carefully reviewed by FCA Legal Funding to determine the viability of the case. Once approved, a drafted agreement is sent to the complainant and their attorney. During the process, the funds are sent to be used as needed by the applicant.

What are the benefits of legal funding?

  • Pay nothing out of pocket— Unless you win your case or get a settlement amount, there is no obligation to pay us back.  We assume all the risk.
  • You owe nothing if you don’t win your case.  Payment only comes out of the award or settlement amount.
  • Our share of the case’s potential award or settlement varies according to several factors.
  • No credit check or job verification is required to apply for pre-settlement funding.  We accept cases based solely on the merits of the case.

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Thank God for Fund Capital America!! I was injured and could not work. The advance they gave me made me able to get through the long process of my lawsuit comfortably!! I would recommend them to anyon  


Sarah Y



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