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The world of law consists of language and procedures that only trained lawyers would understand. The litigation process begins with a pre-trial phase which contains the process of discovery. This article is a brief overview that will define discovery, specifically the response to discovery requests.

What Is Discovery?

Discovery is a step in the pre-trial phase that includes the investigation and collection of evidence. During this time, the plaintiff’s attorney dedicates an exorbitant amount of time to bring together all the facts required to formulate a strong case.
During this time the attorney may issue a discovery request from the opposing party. This would require them to respond with their side of the story, complete with evidence and documentation.

What Is Response To Discovery?

The party being sued will eventually receive a request for discovery, which will require a response. This is when the defendant or their attorney will gather the information they have and provide it for review to the plaintiff’s attorney. When served with a request for discovery, there are typically three ways to respond:
  1. Comply
    If the issue being raised or request is reasonable, you may find it appropriate to provide everything that is requested. 
  2. Object
    Sometimes the defendant does not agree with the lawsuit or may feel that the information requested is irrelevant to the case. At this point, they may be able to object to this request. However, this objection must be presented with valid points to the court. This objection will then be reviewed by the judge who will uphold or deny it.
  3. Ignore
    Ignoring a request for discovery is also a form of response. A lack of response will cause the other party to request the information again. If the requests continue to be ignored, the other party may take the issue to the judge. Typically, this response isn’t recommended as it can be seen as incompliant behavior which will result in a case loss.

Tips For How To Respond To Discovery

Responding to discovery is not an easy task. It requires a time commitment during which all the questions and requested data would have to be provided to the other party. Below are some general tips for how to respond to discovery requests.
  • Review Questions Being Asked
    Thoroughly read and review all that is being demanded in the discovery request. It isn’t wise to simply provide all the requested information without questioning it first. Are the demands relevant to the case? Will the information requested help settle the case? Will it overtly breach your privacy?  
  • Determine Response Deadline
    Upon your review of the case, take note of the deadline for the response. In order to be compliant with court proceedings, it is important to provide timely responses. Doing so will heighten your chances of winning the case.
  • Provide Required Documentation
    Once everything is reviewed and deemed appropriate, provide the required documentation. Go line by line to ensure that all the relevant information is included in your response.


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Benefits Of Fund Capital America’s Respond To Discovery Services

The process of responding to discovery requests is overwhelming and lengthy. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone! At Fund Capital America, the legal experts are versed in your specific case and the court’s requirements. They are prepared to review your case and provide you with the assistance required with providing a quality response. By trusting Fund Capital America’s professional staff, lawyers and their clients will receive the following benefits.

Case Analysis And Recommendations
Our discovery experts will thoroughly analyze your case. Using their extensive knowledge and experience, the will assess the requirements of the discovery request and provide an action plan. It will include recommendations for how to respond to the other party and the types of information to provide.
Formulation And Delivery Of Response
Our team will assist you with gathering all the required documents and evidence. They will formulate a high-quality response and deliver it to the requesting party.
Increased Productivity And Performance
Attorneys and law firms who use our discovery services experience increased productivity and enhanced performance. Each step of the discovery process takes a significant amount of time. By delegating this important task to our skilled experts, you will be able to focus on other parts of the case.
The quality of your discovery reports will increase greatly because they will be handled by a highly-trained, specialized team. With our help, you will be able to advocate for your client better than ever before.

Contact Fund Capital America Today

Responding to discovery requests can be nerve wrecking and time consuming. Fund Capital America will provide attorneys and their clients with the tools required to formulate the best response and win the case. Contact us today to learn more about the services available to you.

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