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Cursory Search

Cursory Search

Victims of personal injuries typically end up with a heavy burden to carry throughout the litigation battle. The injuries and attorney meetings alone are stressful enough. In this situation, they may not have all the necessary information for their case, leaving the attorney to investigate insurance-related things for them.

Recognizing the heavy workload of attorneys, Fund Capital America is now offering cursory insurance searches. This service along with its benefits are outlined below.

What Is A Cursory Search

A cursory search is a very basic insurance policy search. It will provide a brief snapshot of information which will include the following details:
  • Policy Period
  • Policy Holder Verification
  • Date of Loss Verification
  • Insurance Carrier
Cursory search is available for auto, home, and commercial insurance policies. It may require up to 14 days of processing time but options for expediting the process are available.


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How Is Cursory Search Different?

There are different types of insurance research services available through Fund Capital America that can be confusing. The top three services available are Liability Limit Tracing, Insurance Discovery, and Cursory Search. These services vary in terms of the results they yield and their price packages.
Liability limit tracing provides information on the liability of a given policy while also verifying the umbrella coverage and policy numbers. Insurance discovery search provides the most in depth search results.
The type of search service you use will depend on the attorney’s needs and ability to locate any missing information. Perhaps the attorney isn’t busy with too many clients or has an amazing assistant who is able to locate all the needed information. In either case, a cursory search will help get the insurance discovery started.

Benefits of Fund Capital America’s Cursory Search Services

Fund Capital America is available to help make the workflow of your law firm go smoother. Our services are designed with the attorney and their client in mind. Our insurance experts are specialized in conducting insurance research and are prepared to assist your important work. The benefits of Fund Capital America providing cursory search services are as follows:

Increased Productivity

By delegating this menial task to us, the lawyer will save precious time that they can dedicate to other important legal matters.

Visibility Of Defendant’s Insurance Policy

Though a cursory search is much more limited than the other types of insurance research services, it will give a basic overview of any existing policies of the defendant. This will narrow your search to the full details of their insurance policy.

Affordable Service Package

In contrast to our other packages, this service will require a small, non refundable deposit which will be applied towards the total cost of the service. We do not charge for services if the search proves to be unsuccessful.

Quick Results

Cursory search services yield results faster than our other insurance search services. The report is faster to put together as it highlights only the basic information of insurance policies.

Contact Us Today

A cursory search is a smaller search of insurance policies, but it is still an important task that will take up the time of a busy attorney. Reap the benefits of a more productive day by allowing us to handle this research assignment for you but contact Fund Capital America today.

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