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Medical Legal Finance

Medical Legal Finance

Fund Capital America: Medical-Legal Finance

Every now and then life brings us challenges in the form of accidents that result in physical injuries. These physical injuries are often life-altering and costly to get treated. It may also seem that in the times when you are in a vulnerable, physical state that the world is against you.
Does this situation seem familiar? Are you running from doctor to doctor, trying to get medical help, and missing out on the chance to earn a living? Meanwhile, bills and fees are piling up from every direction. Amid all of this, you also have a legal battle to fight, and the attorney fees are sky-high. Fund Capital America is here to help you fight your battle by offering medical-legal financial funding.

What Does Fund Capital America Offer?

Fund Capital America offers a solution to the current problems you’re facing with a medical malpractice lawsuit or personal injury. After you’ve established a working relationship with an attorney who will defend your case, Fund Capital America  will come in and secure a cash advance on your settlement. This advance will provide you with the necessary finances for medical bills, utilities,  and daily expenses until your case is settled.

With Fund Capital America and its empathy for personal injury victims, medical funding is available to take this pressure off you and your lawyer so that you don’t settle for an outcome that doesn’t feel right.

The Advantages of Medical Funding

Most settlements require the participation of you (the plaintiff), the attorney, and the medical provider who treats your injury. Medical funding offers advantages for all the parties involved in this medical lawsuit.

Advantages For The Plaintiff

Injuries tend to slow us down and depending on your injury, you may find yourself having to take time off work for treatment. Medical funding will provide a cash advance on your settlement, allowing you to live in peace as you wait for the courts and attorneys to reach the fairest conclusion to your case. With medical funding, you will be able to stay on top of all your living and medical expenses without incurring debt and high-interest fees.

Advantages For The Attorney

Pre-settlement funding helps the attorneys in several ways. First, it allows the attorney to focus solely on defending his or her client, without the financial pressures. Oftentimes, attorneys have to rush through a case just to get the settlement money to relieve their clients’ financial burdens. With the medical-legal finances provided through Fund Capital America, those pressures will be lessened, resulting in quality legal representation for your case.

Advantages for Medical Providers

As a doctor of a patient who was involved in an accident or event that led them to their injury, you may be left in an awkward quandary. You want to do your best as a physician and care for your patient. But the financial pressures of running a practice will weigh heavily on you as you wait for a settlement of your patient’s case. With medical lien funding through Fund Capital America, those pressures will be relieved for both you and the patient. Both of you will be able to focus on the healing process, without worrying about money.

Common Cases We Fund

With Fund Capital America, you will find funding available for almost every type of personal injury, medical lawsuit, or accident. Here are a few examples of the cases we fund:
Medical and Surgical Lien Funding
It is not uncommon to see an injured person go through extensive testing, surgery, or hospitalization just to reach a diagnosis for the extent of the injury. Medical and surgical lien funding is available through Fund Capital America. Medical lien funding is available for the following services:

Are you already in need of funding for your medical-legal finance issues that resulted from an injury? Here is some information How It Works, and how to get started.

Has your case settled, but you still haven't received your settlement check? apply for post-settlement funding with fca legal funding


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