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Pre-Settlement Funding in Santa Ana, CA

Santa Ana is centrally located in Orange County. It is home to the Downtown Santa Ana Historic District, the county’s retail, business, and institutional center. You’ll also find communities such as Riverview West and the residential, office, and retail development of South Coast Metro. Discovery Cube Orange County is a children’s museum in the city

As part of a heavily populated region, Santa Ana has many crowded roads, and accidents leading to personal injury cases aren’t uncommon here. The cost of litigation on top of medical bills and other expenses is often more than most can afford. Fund Capital America can provide the financing needed to compensate a victim out of their future settlement and enable their attorney to negotiate a higher payout.

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Services We Provide

Fund Capital America provides financing and law firm services to qualifying clients in Santa Ana, CA. Here are the services we provide that can help.

If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault and are suffering financially, you can be compensated for your damages. But it can take months or even years for a case to settle and to receive a check. To ease the burden, Fund Capital America offers pre-settlement and post-settlement funding, a settlement fee acceleration program, and refinances existing advances and loans. We have a simple application process and make an offer based on the information your attorney provides. All funding is non-recourse and paid back out of the proceeds of your future settlement.

Obtaining all the details of a defendant’s insurance policy can be time-consuming for attorneys. Our staff has the training and resources to acquire the information needed to draft a settlement demand. We research personal and commercial policy limits and gather information on automobile or homeowner’s insurance policy limits. From determining whether a policy exists to identifying umbrella policy limits and the details of coverage, FCA can save your law firm a great deal of time and effort.

As necessary as medical care is after an accident, finding a medical provider during litigation can be difficult. A client may have urgent health matters while the availability of medical expertise often helps strengthen a case. But medical providers and facilities must be open to working on medical liens, which means payment may be received sometime after treatment.


Our Doctor and Medical Facility Directory is a list of providers in Santa Ana that will work through the litigation process. We even schedule appointments for clients via our Scheduling Concierge service. In addition, our staff manages communications between medical offices and legal professionals. 

Anyone in a vehicular accident, pedestrian accident, or injured due to medical malpractice, product liability, or a slip and fall may need costly medical care. Personal injury clients are often out of work and need to cover legal and medical as well as living expenses. No matter the type of injury a client has suffered and the challenges they face, Fund Capital America can provide financing services to support their needs.

Personal injury cases come at a cost. Fund Capital America provides law firm banking services in Santa Ana whether your firm needs support for one or multiple cases. We help attorneys avoid investing their personal funds in a case. A law firm can have all the resources at its disposal to fund cases and build its practice. We can also offer a line of credit backed by the expected settlement’s payout.

Medical Receivables and Provider Banking

We can acquire accounts receivable invoices in exchange for an advance to the healthcare provider. This is known as medical invoice factoring. Other financing options are available to fill the gap in finances as a provider awaits the settlement of legal claims. Law firms can proceed with litigation and medical providers can continue caring for patients and serve even more personal injury victims.

Law Firm Services

A growing law firm is often overburdened with administrative tasks that interfere with preparing for negotiations and court appearances. At Fund Capital America, our staff is experienced with demand letter writing, propound written discovery, and preparing deposition subpoenas and deposition summaries. We also handle police report subpoenas, medical record retrieval, and medical chronology summaries.

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