At Fund Capital America, we do more than provide funding for lawsuits and cash advances on settlements. We fully understand the workload attorneys must face. Our team can help ease the burden so your firm can focus on providing clients with the highest-quality service. Aside from legal funding, here are some law firm services we offer to help your process go smoother:

Medical Record Retrieval

Medical examinations, testing, and treatment are practically universal to all personal injury cases. They are documented in medical records that help build a strong case. Requesting and obtaining a medical record requires the proper forms, permissions, and contacts while following all applicable laws and regulations. We use a digital process and specialized software to quickly retrieve records.

Medical Chronology Summary

A chronological outline of a client’s injuries and pre-existing conditions, including their order of occurrence, is important when building a case. The summary presents information in simple language, so non-medical personnel can prove their findings. It includes an injury report with imaging, treatments administered, progress notes, and other details. A patient history and timeline/flow of events are also included to help build legal arguments.

Police Report Retrieval

The police are often the first to arrive at an accident scene. Therefore, a police report offers the most reliable evidence for attorneys to understand what happened. However, accessing documents through a police department can be tedious and time-consuming. At Fund Capital America, we use a centralized online resource to obtain police reports in a few clicks, saving time and money.

Demand Writing

With a well-written demand letter, issues can be settled out of court and lawsuits can be avoided. This formal, written request outlines a resolution, often to matters related to missed obligations or delinquent payments. There are many do’s and don’ts with writing demand letters; writing one yourself can be risky. Our experienced team can draft a demand for payment with knowledge of pertinent laws and little risk of your message being misinterpreted.

Complaint Preparation Package

The complaint preparation package includes the summons, complaint, and civic cover sheet. We’ll help describe the situation in which you’ve been wronged and outline the type of compensation you expect. Our team will submit the complaint form in the court-specified template. And, once the initial materials have been served to the defendant (a summons with proof of service), the Application to Proceed in Forma Pauperis is filed.

Propound Discovery

This long and demanding process requires a great deal of paperwork. To save your staff time, our legal experts can handle every step of propounding written discovery. This includes documentation requests, interviews, requests for admissions, and depositions. We provide high-quality research so your firm can devote more time and energy to other parts of the litigation process.

Respond to Discovery

Our team handles response to discovery requests during the pre-trial phase of a case. While the process can be overwhelming, our staff can analyze the case, assess the requirements of a discovery request, and recommend how to respond. Our highly trained experts will also formulate a high-quality response and gather all required documents and evidence.

Deposition Subpoenas

We can prepare all the necessary documents and follow up on served subpoenas. For firms with limited time, we can make phone calls on their behalf and request medical and business records as well. Our advanced tracking system allows us to follow an organized approach to every step of the process.

Deposition Summaries

A deposition summary is a detailed, abridged version of the deposition transcript. By outsourcing deposition summary writing, you can save time while avoiding the common pitfalls of having a paralegal assistant draft the document. Our quality and level of research are high. This service can increase your productivity and help your attorneys work on their courtroom strategy.

Mediation/Arbitration Briefs

A mediation or arbitration brief summarizes the litigation, key points and arguments, and where the opponents are with settlement discussions. It’s for the sole purpose of familiarizing the mediator with the dispute. The document is short but can take time to write. Our team can draft a high-quality, compelling brief that respects the mediator’s time and ensures the client receives high-quality service.

General Litigation Pleadings

Pleadings indicate each party’s position. But there are different types of pleadings that all must follow the basic rules and processes of the court. Whether writing an answer, reply, or counterclaim, it must be constructed such that the court is more likely to make a decision, or motion, that’s favorable to the plaintiff. Filing deposition notices and notices of posting jury fees are part of this process.

Petition for Minor’s Compromise and All Related Pleadings/Attachments

If a child is injured in a car accident, a minor’s compromise must be petitioned for and approved by the court. It ensures funds awarded are used for the minor’s benefit (but won’t be so until they turn 18). We’re familiar with all forms to file with the probate court and can draft expedited petitions as well. Our team can also handle all other required paperwork.

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