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Dog Bites & Attacks

Dog Bites & Attacks


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In 2017, dog bites and similar injuries accounted for over one-third of payouts related to homeowner’s liability claims, according to the Insurance Information Institute. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates there are about 4.5 million dog bite attacks every year, while the American Pet Products Association estimates nearly 90 million dogs are kept as pets in the U.S.

Dog bite injuries can be very serious, but legal funding for animal bites can help you get by until your case is settled. According to the CDC, one in five bites become infected, but there’s also the primary injury to consider. Victims may suffer life-changing injuries and be unable to work or provide for their dependents.

It’s hard to predict the timeframe of a case. Insurance companies can make things difficult, and if the case goes to court, the court’s calendar can prolong the time to settlement. A cash advance for a dog bite can therefore be a big help during the process.
Proving Dog Bite Liability

The law imposes three types of liability on dog owners, depending on the circumstances:

  • A dog owner is automatically liable for injury/property damage caused by an unprovoked dog.
  • The owner is liable if they knew the dog was dangerous, or prone to causing a bite injury.
  • The owner was negligent, or unreasonably careless in having control over the dog.
Types of Dog Bite Injuries

Injuries that may lead to filing a lawsuit and applying for pre-settlement funding for dog bites include:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Nerve damage
  • Face injuries
  • Eye injuries
  • Head/neck injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Emotional harm
  • Scarring
  • Rabies


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Dog Bite Injuries

Rabies is almost always fatal, so a wrongful death claim could be filed. Also, the owner would be liable for not keeping the dog up on a regular vaccination schedule. Emotional damages may come into play, even if you weren’t seriously injured. In addition to scars and disfigurement, dog bite victims can develop intense fears or even refuse to go outdoors. Extreme anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder may also occur. Dog bites can also trigger developmental problems in children. Injuries can range from minor cuts and bruises to badly broken bones, including skull fractures, hip fractures, broken ribs, and broken facial bones. An eye injury can involve anything from a corneal scratch to the complete loss of an eye. In some cases, the dog doesn’t have to bite you for the owner to be liable; for example, you could sue if you were injured running away from the attack.

Obtain Pre-Settlement Funding for Dog Bite Injuries

Waiting for a settlement can be a long and stressful process. Add on to that doctors and hospital bills, and potentially a loss of earning capacity, and you may be set up for financial ruin. Lawsuit loans can land you in more difficulties, and typically come with fees and high fees. Plus, acceptance is dependent on a lender’s process and your credit and employment status.

Legal funding not only has nothing to do with your credit or financial history. It is completely dependent on your case. At Fund Capital America, we provide direct funding after you apply online, and our team reviews your claim with your attorney. Legal funding may be in your hands within 24 hours after that, with no middleman, no upfront payment, and no hidden costs.

In the event your case loses, you still win. We always stick to the same policy—no recovery, no repayment. You only pay us back as part of your settlement proceeds.

Once you receive pre-settlement funding, the cash is yours to use. There are no limits. If you need help paying the rent, no problem. Are medical bills from emergency treatment, surgery, follow-up visits, therapy, or medications adding up? Our legal funding can help with that and more; even spend it on groceries! Or if legal fees are adding to what you can’t afford, funds are available.

Why Choose Lawsuit Funding Over Settlement Loans

Settlement funding is the much better option because it is fast and hassle-free. With Fund Capital America, there is no credit check and no in-depth review of your finances, work history, or benefits. You are not obligated to stick to a payment schedule. Legal funding for dog bites therefore doesn’t add to your financial stress. Repayment is only based on the time you use the money, your length of recovery, and when your attorney reaches a dog bite settlement.

Apply Today for Legal Funding for Dog Bites

If you or a loved one has been injured, seek dog bite compensation. As one of the best lawsuit funding companies in Los Angeles & all of California, we not only make the process simple and fast (you get your cash advance within 24 hours), but also flexible. Request your proceeds as a lump sum payment or in regular monthly installments. We can also split it into smaller advances during the case. Find out if you qualify for pre-settlement funding for dog bites by applying online today. Have questions about how settlement funding works? Call us at (855) 870-2274.
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