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Industrial Products

Industrial Products

Product Liability Injury Loans in California

Fund Capital America provides funding for clients in all types of personal injury lawsuits. For those injured by industrial products, a product liability lawsuit can be quite complex. Your lawyer knows how to navigate the law. From a legal perspective, manufacturers and sellers are liable to compensate buyers of components, installers of machinery, and those involved in the resale of industrial goods for injuries due to defects in these items. Even a bystander who suffered injuries or damages can be compensated.

But a lawsuit can take time, and even when a settlement is reached, it can take a while to receive the proceeds. Meanwhile, a plaintiff may be out of work, without income, and have medical bills, rent, and daily expenses to pay. In general, a product liability law firm will consider statutes pertaining to tort law, or civil wrongs resulting in injury or harm that can be the basis for a claim or lawsuit. A lawsuit loan, or a non-recourse cash advance, can cover your expenses and give your lawyer time to build your case, so you receive an adequate settlement.

How Do I Qualify for Pre-Settlement Funding?

You may qualify for legal funding if your industrial product liability lawsuit meets the following criteria:


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What Are Industrial Products?

Examples of industrial products include machinery, accessories such as power generators, raw materials like cotton or timber, and manufactured parts like car batteries or radiators. Supplies such as oils and lubricants are considered industrial goods as well.

One of the challenges of an industrial product liability law firm is to understand the characteristics of industrial goods. Companies that make them invest heavily in production, and therefore likely work with powerful law firms. Industrial goods are typically complex and technical. A product liability lawyer who has technical knowledge can better assess the value of these and your case. They also understand factors such as demand, the group buying process, and a sellers obligation to provide the buyer with repair and maintenance services in this segment.

Plus, there’s the seller’s reputation to consider, and whether the product/goods have been leased, the buyer has adequate knowledge of the product, and applicable regulations and safety measures were followed during supply and distribution. In the industrial segment, it’s often recognized that some products are inherently unsafe. Therefore, to build your case, proper warnings and steps to minimize risk must be considered, as well as whether the product was unreasonably dangerous.

Why Choose Legal Funding Over a Lawsuit Loan?

Pre-settlement funding is the better option for anyone in a tough financial situation. You might not be able to afford daily expenses without the income you had before, let alone a lawsuit. Loan providers may make promises, but there are often hidden fees and terms that make matters more difficult. A credit check or collateral for your loan may be required. And if you lose your product liability lawsuit, you’ll still have to pay back the loan.

Legal funding avoids such a dire situation. It does not involve a credit check or require you to pay back the funding company if your case loses. Payback terms are determined by the time it takes for your case to settle, and there are never any hidden fees. You don’t pay anything out-of-pocket; the cash advance is paid back when your settlement funds are received (and taken directly out of these proceeds). You’ll receive the cash within 24 hours of approval and will have the flexibility to continue your case without being pressured to settle early.

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Our application process is simple and takes just minutes. We’ll call you to confirm the details, speak with your attorney, then make an offer based on the value of your case. If you’ve been injured while using industrial products, apply now, fill out our contact form, or call (855) 870-2274.

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