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Mediation/Arbitration Briefs

Fund Capital America: Mediation Brief

The mediation brief is a short statement that outlines the details of the case which includes the position of the party providing this statement. It is normally a summary of the litigation, key points and arguments, and an explanation of where the opponents are in terms of settlement discussions. This summary allows the mediator to become familiar with the events of the dispute prior to the mediation itself.

Tips For Creating A Successful Mediation Brief

Otherwise known as arbitration briefs, the representing attorney normally puts these statements together. Some attorneys find this task cumbersome but we will outline tips below for writing a successful mediation brief.


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Keep it short and sweet

The brief provided to the mediator must contain only the pertinent key details of the case, nothing less and nothing more. The mediator must be presented with enough information to allow them to assist both parties with reaching a settlement.

Focus only on key elements

It is easy to be long-winded when describing a case that you’ve been representing, especially if it is a complicated matter. However, as you draft the mediation brief, remember to focus only on the key evidence and facts of the case. Is there a witness testimony, exhibit, or document that can quickly prove your client’s position? This brief is the time to use the strongest evidence that will represent your position and serve as the winning ticket for a favorable outcome.

Proofread your writing

Though mediation briefs are typically read by just one person, the mediator, providing quality writing is of utmost importance. When your writing is poorly formatted and grammatically incorrect, it can be difficult to read and can easily alter the meaning of your writing. There is no room for writing errors when preparing for this crucial step of the litigation process. You can make or break the outcome for your client based on the quality of this arbitration brief.

Provide the brief well in advance

This tip can seem obvious but is worthy of mention. The mediator is most likely involved in multiple cases at once. It is advisable to provide the mediator with the brief as soon as possible, so they can review it at least two weeks in advance. By doing so, you are respecting the mediator’s time and ensuring the highest quality of service for your client.

Allow Fund Capital America To Write The Mediation Brief

The tips discussed above are an excellent framework to help you as the attorney to write an effective brief. However, the best advice we can give you is to hire Fund Capital America to write your mediation briefs for you.

Advantages Of Using Fund Capital America’s Mediation Brief Services:
Though mediation briefs are expected to be short, they aren’t necessarily simple to write. Condensing a lengthy case that went on for weeks or months into a short document can be quite overwhelming.
Fund Capital America offers a team of professionals who are highly trained to pull the most valuable information of a case into a mediation brief. As seasoned professionals, our professionals are capable of quickly pinpointing the most important aspects of your case and compiling a compelling brief. Our team of experts is well trained in the legal processes and has superior knowledge of what mediators look for in arbitration briefs. In addition to our long years of experience, there are other benefits of allowing Fund Capital America to write your meditation brief including:
  1. More time for other important tasks
  2. Quick and efficient turnaround time
  3. Quality mediation brief highlighting key evidence and impeccable grammar/punctuation
As the hired attorney for your client’s case, it is your responsibility to represent your client in the most optimal way possible. However, you do not have to carry that burden alone. The law firm services provided in writing mediation briefs will provide you with immense support in your case, leading to a victory.

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