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San Francisco is California’s jewel of glory. The iconic Golden Gate Bridge is beautifully set over the Bay Area, drawing tourists and residents alike to its glorious Golden Gate Park. The lively atmosphere of Mission District offers its visitors delicious food, culture, and recreational activities.

We know that where there is fun, there is also room for accidents that lead to personal injuries. Regardless of the type of accident, it is not uncommon to end up in a process of medical treatment, lawsuits, and additional expenses as a result. Fund Capital America provides support for plaintiffs who are involved in these legal battles by providing cash advances on the settlements that have yet to be processed.

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Fund Capital America provides support for law firms and their clients alike. We provide law firm services and funding at any point in the litigation process. These support services are provided to alleviate the burden that lawyers, plaintiffs, and medical providers carry throughout the settlement.

As a victim of an accident, the unexpected legal and medical expenses may put your personal finances in great danger. To alleviate this stress, take advantage of the cash advance services that are available through Fund Capital America for San Francisco residents.

If you’re in need of insurance coverage, our team of experts are trained and ready to help you find the insurance policy that is right for you. They will provide you with the quotes, terms, and conditions. Our experts will also help arrange the contracts with the brokers.
Lawyers who represent injured patients often require the participation of doctors and medical facilities in providing medical evaluations and treatments. Our doctor and medical facility directory consist of highly qualified, specialized providers who work on medical liens. These physicians are prepared to assess your client’s injuries and work with you on their litigation.
Our Concierge Scheduling service is available for clients who are in need of medical treatment for their injuries. Our courteous and professional staff will handle the scheduling of appointments and the allocation of the appropriate physicians for your client’s needs.

Lawsuits of any kind tend to put a financial strain on all parties involved. Whether you’re the victim, the lawyer representing the victim or the provider treating the victim, you will be waiting for the settlement payout. However, bills and overhead expenses will not wait for that settlement and pile up. To mitigate any financial setbacks, Fund Capital America offers San Francisco attorneys, providers, and victims of accidents medical-legal financing options. These financing services will absorb outstanding costs and help you stay afloat as you wait for the court’s final decision.

Attorneys are often put in a difficult position of having to invest their personal finances into their practices to cover ongoing expenses. Any expenses that are applied towards your law firm will qualify for the liens Fund Capital America provides. This financing will increase the law firm’s cash flow and provide the opportunity to expand the practice.

Just like lawyers, providers are also often strapped for cash as they await insurance claims and settlements to process. Fund Capital America will allow providers and medical facilities to use their medical receivables accounts as leverage to access liens. These liens will bridge that financial gap and allow you to maintain and grow your medical practice.

Fund Capital America offers a variety of law firm services to help ease your burden of work. Our team of experts is trained and equipped to write demand letters that yield positive results. We also specialize in propounding written subpoenas and collecting evidence required for the deposition of subpoenas.

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The legal funding process in California is simple: the complainant, or injured party, contacts FCA Legal Funding for financial assistance with paying their expenses while unable to work. The latter would then request detailed case documentation from the complainant’s attorney. The entire process is paperless.
Once all the information is gathered, it is carefully reviewed by FCA Legal Funding to determine the viability of the case. Once approved, a drafted agreement is sent to the complainant and their attorney. During the process, the funds are sent to be used as needed by the applicant.
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