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The workload of an attorney is arduous and demanding. Fund Capital America provides a list of services that will ease the burden and enhance the attorney’s performance to support the important work of law firms. Our services include but are not limited to:

Medical Record Retrieval


Personal injury cases usually always involve medical examination and treatment. Fund Capital America is equipped with innovative technology and resources to extract medical records to help attorneys build strong cases for their clients.

Police Report Retrieval


Fund Capital America offers a police report retrieval portal to attorneys representing victims of car accidents. The system provides access to every type of police report required with just a few button clicks.

Demand Writing


It is possible to avoid an entire lawsuit with a well-written demand letter. Our professional staff members have the expertise and knowledge to write a strong letter to help settle matters outside of court.

Complaint Preparation Package


A case’s success depends on the first step in the process: the complaint preparation package. Make a bold initial statement with our professional staff members’ high-quality complaint preparation package.

Medical Chronology Summary


Personal injury cases often require a chronological medical summary that outlines the client’s injuries and pre-existing conditions in the order of occurrence. Fund Capital America provides this summary as a service to law firms.

Propound Discovery


Propound discovery is a long and arduous process. Using Fund Capital America’s discovery services will relieve law firms of this aspect of their litigation process and allow them to focus on other essential phases of the case.

Respond to Discovery


When representing a defendant, the response to discovery holds vital importance in the case’s fate. Fund Capital America’s staff will help law firms with discovery requests by formulating and delivering the responses in a high-quality manner.

Deposition Subpoenas


As you prepare for a deposition, you may feel overwhelmed with the tasks that pertain to preparing and serving subpoenas, collecting evidence, and reporting on it in court. The subpoena services provided by Fund Capital America will relieve you of these tasks by handling them for you.

Deposition Summaries


To help enhance the preparation work for a trial, Fund Capital America offers deposition summary services to law firms. These summaries are detailed cliff notes of witnesses’ testimonies that will guide the discovery process.

Mediation/Arbitration Briefs


Delegate the time-consuming task of writing arbitration briefs to Fund Capital America’s staff experienced with mediation sessions. They will put together a high-quality, clear mediation brief to support a mediation’s organized flow.

General Litigation Pleadings


Litigation pleadings consist of scores of paperwork that Fund Capital America’s experts are trained to prepare on behalf of law firms. Fund Capital America will file the client’s pleadings in a high-quality and timely manner.

Petition for Minor’s Compromise


When minors are involved in personal injury cases, the court will require specific paperwork like the petition for a minor’s compromise. Fund Capital America provides a service that will handle all the paperwork pertaining to this petition allowing the attorney to focus on other vital parts of the case.

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