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Anaheim Pre-Settlement Funding

With iconic landmarks such as the Disneyland Resort and the Angel Stadium, Anaheim is a very prominent city in the golden California state. However, even with the magic of Disneyland looming over the city, unfortunate life circumstances still happen that bring great stress and a financial burden.

Fund Capital America is available to over a variety of law firm services and pre-settlement funding for attorneys and their clients who are facing lawsuit settlements. We are here to assist you with the kind of support that will result in the best possible lawsuit settlement, while also reducing your stress levels to a minimum.

Anaheim, California | FCA Service Area

Services We Provide

Whether you are a legal client in need of representation, an attorney, or medical provider serving a patient who is dealing with a lawsuit, we have support services available for you. Here is the list of services available for your benefit:
Personal injury cases tend to happen at the most inconvenient times and put most people at a huge financial disadvantage. Whether you are injured or not, bills still come and rent is still due. Fund Capital America provides has the best Orange County Cash Advance services available to you. With a quick application and assessment, you will have the cash advance you need to fund your life as you wait for a settlement. This cash advance will be issued out against your lawsuit settlement and will provide you with the financial relief you need.
Whether you reside near Honda Center or are a frequent visitor of Deer Canyon Park, insurance is required for everyone. Our team of highly trained staff members are prepared to provide you with the best insurance research services required to find the right policy for you. They will provide a detailed report of quotes, policies, and terms and help determine the services that will fit your needs.
Orange County does not have a shortage of medical providers and facilities. However, it is often difficult to find the best facility or provider who will be willing to serve an individual waiting on a claim settlement to process. Knowing this struggle, we provide a doctor and medical facility directory for your client to choose from for their medical needs. Each provider in this directory is thoroughly screened and selected based on medical qualifications and experience with legal settlements.
In addition to the medical directory, we also have a team of trained experts who will help with scheduling appointments and facilitating communication between the providers’ offices, the patient, and the law firm. With our Concierge Scheduling Service, clients will get first-class experience as they receive the medical attention required for their injuries.

Fund Capital America provides medical-legal financing to legal clients, attorneys, and doctors who are involved in lawsuits. Sometimes, the wait for a lawsuit payout is just too long. With the help of Fund Capital America, we will be able to provide you with financing options your require to fund the case and other needs as you wait for the claims to process.

Running a business of any kind requires a considerable amount of money and patience. As you take on more clients with personal injuries, you will find yourself waiting longer for lawsuit settlements in order to get paid. During this time, there will be bills that won’t wait as long as you. Fund Capital America provides law firms with banking services that will help finance the various cases you represent. This will give you the peace of mind you need as you work to fight for justice on behalf of your client. This will also allow you to expand your practice to more clients who go through similar challenges.

Providers who care for patients undergoing a lawsuit are often left in financial gaps that can get as long as the lines in Disneyland. The reason for this is that lawsuit settlements take awhile to payout. In the meantime, overhead expenses pile up and in order to stay in business, providers must find the a solution that will cover payroll and other overhead expenses.

Fund Capital America provides provider banking services to doctors, treatment and imaging facilities who treat injured patients. With Fund Capital America, you will have access to medical leins by using your medical recievables account as leverage. The medical lein provided to you will allow you to cover your expenses, stay in business, and even expand your practice.

Fund Capital America understands the demanding schedules of lawyers. We have a team of dedicated experts who are skilled and trained to provide assistance in the following areas:
  • Demand letter writing
  • Propound written discovery
  • Deposition subpoenas
  • Deposition summaries
  • Medical chronology summary
  • Medical record retrieval services
  • Police report subpoenas
Our team is versed in your case and the requirements of the law so we can assist you in completing your menial tasks and moving on to more demanding items on your to-do list.

Finishing Thoughts

Fund Capital America provides law firms, their clients, and providers with the support they require as they face the lengthy and grueling litigation process. From various financing options to doctor’s appointments, we have you covered. Contact us today for assistance with your case.

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