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Serious burns could easily be deemed as one of the most painful, lengthy, and arduous injuries to treat. Not to mention, treatment for a serious burn can be extremely expensive, with daily or weekly visits to a burn center for treatment. Even worse, litigation associated with burn injuries are often a lengthy battle, so finding some type of burn victim pre settlement funding or burn accident cash advance is often a must.

A Closer Look at What a Burn Injury Is

A burn injury is a severe burn that is caused by an object, event, or person. As a burn victim seeking litigation funding, burns usually fall into separate categories depending on their severity: First, second, or third-degree. These categories can affect the outcome of a claim, so they can also affect how much lawsuit funding you will qualify to get.

  • First-Degree Burns – These burns usually affect the outer layers of the skin only, and may not always require an extended hospital stay for treatment. A sunburn is a good example of a first-degree burn.
  • Second-Degree Burns – A second-degree burn is far more severe than a first-degree burn because it affects the underlying skin tissue. You may see blisters form on the skin and experience severe pain or swelling. Left untreated, this type of burn can lead to third-degree damage and serious infection.
  • Third-Degree Burns – Far more painful and severe, third-degree burns go deep into the skin layers and often result in scarring even after treatment. You would be more likely to need extensive inpatient care as a third-degree burn victim.


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Causes of Burn Injuries & How Fund Capital America Helps

Fund Capital America is here to help any victims of burn injury cases that occurred due to the negligence of another individual. A few examples of burn injury cases they have handled, include:

Additionally, we fund a variety of cases and work with burns associated with defective products, such as fireworks, appliances, hot water heaters, grills, defective smoke detectors, and structures.

Legal Funding vs. Lawsuit Loans for Burn Victims

Even though you’ve been injured, your life does not stop. You still need to pay rent, you have bills and family obligations piling up, and if you run out of money, you can’t get the medical treatments you may need. Both legal funding and lawsuit settlement loan alternatives can be a huge financial relief in these situations.

Lawsuit loans for burn injuries typically require you to pay back the amount borrowed, plus hefty fees, no matter the outcome of the case. Unlike typical settlement loans, pre-settlement funding for burn victims from Fund Capital America only requires you to pay back the funds you borrowed if you win your personal injury case. Moreover, our settlement funding options have no hidden costs, no upfront payments & repayment is based on the time it takes for your case to settle.

Why Choose Fund Capital America?

Working with Fund Capital America is an easier alternative to a lawsuit loan. Even if you lose your injury case, you still win with Fund Capital America because you get to keep the money borrowed. We offer clients funding in three unique ways: One-time lump sum, monthly installments, or advances as the case progresses.

Fund Capital America does not have any hidden fees or costs and repayment is based on the time of your case to settle. Plus, you can quickly see if you qualify for litigation funding online without a bunch of red tape or hassle. Give Fund Capital America a call or apply online to get the cash advance you need within 24 hours.

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