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Medical Chronology Summary

Lawsuits that involved personal injuries and medical insurance claims tend to become convoluted and complicated. As the representing attorney, you end up wearing different hats throughout the litigation process. First and foremost, you are the attorney fighting for fairness and justice on behalf of the client. At the same time, you take on the role of a caretaker, ensuring that your clients get the medical attention they need for their injuries.
When medical care is involved, you also take on the role of reviewing medical records. It is a difficult task in itself because you did not go to medical school and sometimes interpreting medical records is difficult. However, the information provided in those medical records serves as weapons in your client’s case.

To help represent your client’s medical challenges that occurred as a result of their injury, Fund Capital America is offering medical chronology summary services. 

What Is A Medical Chronology Summary?

A medical chronology summary is a concise and detailed brief of the client’s medical history as it pertains to their legal case. It will contain a list of their medical conditions and presented in chronological order.

Typically, this summary contains verbiage that breaks down medical jargon and allows you to understand their injuries on a fundamental level. This summary is designed for easy reading and comprehension, with enough documentation to prove your case.

What Information Is Found In A Medical Chronology Report Summary?

Medical chronology report summaries are comprehensive and allow you to get the full picture of your client’s health challenges that resulted from their injury. Here is a snapshot of the type of information you will find in a medical chronology summary:

Injury Report

Probably the most important piece of evidence in a medical chronology summary is the injury report. This report will outline the details and extent of the injury, including imaging, treatment, and progress notes.

Patient History

The patient history will also play a significant role in the outcome of the case. This component will outline any pre-existing conditions with the purpose to show that the injury is independent of any past conditions. 

Flow of Events

The flow of events is a detailed timeline that will show when the injury occurred with respect to the patient’s medical history. It will contain very important details that will help you make some of the most significant arguments on behalf of your clients. This section is most commonly included in medical malpractice cases.


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In addition to these three significant portions of the medical chronology summary, your report will also contain the following relevant information:

Why Use Fund Capital America’s Medical Chronology Summary Services?

Fund Capital America has a team of experts who possess the medical and legal training required to efficiently extract medical data and compile it in a succinct, chronological manner. Using Fund Capital America’s expertise, you will be able to build a stronger case for your client. Our experts will quickly determine the chronology and point out the significant medical events that will lead to a favorable legal outcome. They know exactly what the court will look for in a medical case to rule in favor of your client.

Here are some benefits Fund Capital America’s medical chronology summary services will provide you:

  • Efficient and detailed work
  • The highlight of the most pertinent medical evidence
  • The assurance that you have a complete report of the patient’s records
  • List of treating providers
  • Bookmarks and hyperlinks that organize the information and provide additional information

Most importantly, Fund Capital America will save you the time from having to wear a medical hat while representing your client. We will provide all the medical information in a sequenced fashion that will allow you to do what you do best – fighting for justice and fairness for your client.

Finishing Thoughts

A medical chronology summary contains pertinent information about your client’s medical condition as it pertains to their legal battle. Ensuring that you have all the relevant information is overwhelming but Fund Capital America’s professional staff is prepared to support your legal battle. Contact us today to learn more and get started.

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