Before you can apply for legal funding, complaint preparation is a necessary step. Filing a civil complaint is also the first step of the litigation process. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. It requires multiple documents and extensive legal knowledge to present the facts of your claim correctly. These facts are also used by the legal funding company to assess the merit of your case and to approve your application for a cash advance. Therefore, it’s extremely important to get this part right.

Legal Funding and Complaint Preparation

You must file a complaint, obtain medical and police reports, and have a demand letter (and complete other steps to begin your lawsuit), before applying for legal funding. Since the complaint preparation process can be complex, it’s best to have an attorney’s help. You’ll need an attorney if you’re going to apply for legal funding anyway.

What Does a Legal Complaint Look Like?

To file a legal complaint, one must provide relevant details on forms provided by the court. These forms have a specific template and include:

What Must a Legal Complaint Prove?

A complaint must contain information that backs your claim against the defendant. While it must also specify the remedy you’re seeking, its format follows the same principles of proving negligence that any legal case must follow. To prove a wrongdoer was negligent, you must show:

What Happens After Filing the Complaint?

If drafting the complaint seemed time-consuming enough, you’ll then have to wait for the court to respond. The court can accept or deny the documents. Once the defendant is served with the complaint, they have 21 days to respond, after which both parties (and their attorneys) meet with the judge. The purpose of this conference is to review the details of the case and set a schedule.

Why Is Complaint Preparation So Challenging?

There are many factors to consider when filing a complaint. These include submitting the documents to the court by a specified deadline. Other considerations include:

Which Court Do I File a Complaint With?

Claims must be filed in the proper court. Otherwise, they will not be considered, no matter how meritorious they are. The court must have jurisdiction over the complaint and the subject matter. It’s usually the court in the state where the plaintiff or defendant resides or where the alleged acts or harm occurred. If the claims are between citizens of different states (and damages exceed a certain amount) or allege violations of federal laws, a federal court will have jurisdiction over the complaint.

What Are the Benefits of Attorney Complaint Services?

You can reach out to a service provider for legal funding and complaint preparation services. Fund Capital America provides various lawsuit document services that can save time. Our trained, knowledgeable staff is well-versed in different types of cases. They review the plaintiff’s claims, relate them to applicable laws, and quickly complete all forms in detail. All forms are also submitted to the court.

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