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Construction Accidents

Construction Accident Legal Funding


Best Settlement Loan Alternatives — You Only Owe Us If You Win!

*We Cannot Fund Workers Comp Cases

Safety is a top priority at construction sites, but with so many workers, companies, and activities involved, construction accidents happen, often with dire consequences. Filing a legal claim can be complicated. There can be many parties at fault, from a hiring company to equipment manufacturer or supplier, to a property leaseholder.

A legal case takes time and is often costly. Fortunately, Fund Capital America can provide pre-settlement funding, an alternative to a lawsuit loan for a construction accident  (we cannot fund workers comp cases). We provide direct funding with no middleman and no hidden fees. Better yet, even if you lose your case, you still win because you get to keep the money!

Personal injury lawsuit cases can result in large settlements, but last for years. But a serious injury from a fall, defective machine, or equipment failure can leave you in need of a cash advance now. If a worker is killed, loved ones may be compensated for loss of earnings and/or companionship. In 2015, 388 California workers were killed on the job. Construction worker fatalities rose 34% from 2014 to 2015, according to data from the California Department of Industrial Relations and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Personal Injury Claim vs. Workers Compensation Claim

Most employers are legally required to have workers compensation insurance. Employees injured at work often go through the state’s workers compensation system. It can compensate for lost wages, medical treatment, and other damages. But if your employer is not insured, the typical solution is to file a personal injury claim.

Moreover, if you are an independent contractor working on site for another company and suffered an injury in which you were not responsible for, this can be considered a personal injury claim.

Personal injury lawsuits carry several advantages, because you can:

During the construction accident claim, you’ll have to prove your employer’s role in causing the accident, and file the necessary paperwork within all applicable legal timelines.

Common Types of Construction Accidents

Fund Capital America can provide lawsuit funding for construction accidents that involve:

  • Impacts from falling objects
  • Electrocution from exposed wiring
  • Exposure to asbestos
  • Injuries/fatalities due to fires or explosions
  • Exposure to airborne mold
  • Exposure to toxic fumes
  • Crane accidents
  • Falls due to:
    • Faulty stairs
    • Missing fall protection equipment
    • Missing barriers
    • Collapsed scaffolding

Your California construction accident lawsuit may be filed when the property owner didn’t warn of a hazardous condition. Even if they weren’t aware of the hazard, the owner is still be responsible for your injuries. They are also liable for not sustaining a safe working environment or offering the proper training. Other liabilities include general negligence, error, or carelessness in installing scaffolding or other objects. Manufacturers of toxic chemicals, faulty tools, machinery, and safety equipment can be sued as well.

Common Construction Site Injuries

Whether or not efforts to keep construction sites safe are in place, there are many risks, including:

  • Burns due to fires, explosions, and chemical exposure
  • Cuts or lacerations caused by machinery, tools, and sharp objects
  • Amputation of limbs, fingers, or toes
  • Eye injuries from improper use of safety products
  • Broken, fractured, or crushed bones
  • Knee, ankle, and shoulder injuries
  • Head and traumatic brain injuries
  • Back, neck, and spinal cord injuries
  • Spinal disc rupture
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Hearing loss
  • Death


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Legal Funding for Construction Accident Victims

A settlement advance can be highly beneficial if you’re recovering from injuries that impair your ability to work and earn an income. Despite your misfortune, rent is still due and family obligations persist. Legal funding provides you with a cash advance with no upfront payments and nothing out-of-pocket. Repayment is based on the length of your recovery and the time of your case until settlement.

On the other hand, settlement loans may come with up-front fees. You’ll have to go through a credit and employment check to start. A low credit score, delinquencies, and past bankruptcies may affect your approval and, even if you get approved, you’ll be required to pay back your construction accident loan, even if you lose your case. Loans therefore add to the financial burden.

Fund Capital America Offers Several Options

Don’t get stuck with a pre-settlement loans. At Fund Capital America we offer several alternatives to help keep your case going until settlement:

Pre-Settlement Funding: We offer pre-settlement and litigation funding for a variety of cases. Apply online in minutes and we’ll be in touch with your attorney to learn about the case and determine an amount to offer you.

Post-Settlement Funding: Even after a case settles, you may be left waiting for your check. We can draw a cash advance out of the future proceeds; this non-recourse funding is always tied directly to the facts of your case.

Cash Advance REFI Program: Refinancing your advance, like with a home mortgage loan, restarts the payback schedule, usually lowers the fees, and comes with cash out options, perhaps qualifying you for a new advance as well.

Settlement Acceleration Program: Funds are drawn from a potential future settlement using the reverse mortgage principle. You get the cash now and repay us later by selling back a portion of the total settlement proceeds when they become available.

Construction Accident Legal Funding for Attorneys

Construction Accident litigation funding can be an advantage for attorneys as well. An advance can cover everyday bills and expenses for an accident victim. It also gives attorneys the flexibility to continue a case and work towards a higher settlement, while freeing up cash flow and providing financial resources for office expenses, discovery, scheduling witnesses, and more.

Why Choose Fund Capital America

Conveniently based in Los Angeles, we offer flexible options to get lawsuit finding for construction accidents across California. Clients can request payouts in a lump sum, monthly installments, or several advances throughout the case. Compared to settlement loans, the application process is simple. There’s no middleman, no hidden costs, and no out-of-pocket payments. Find out if you qualify by submitting our application and get your cash advance within 24 hours. Apply now or call (855) 870-2274.
Construction Accidents

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