Any bus accident victim may qualify for a mass transit injury settlement loan. If you or a loved one in Los Angeles has been injured in a city bus crash, legal funding can help you deal with the financial hardship caused by the accident. 

Los Angeles has a large mass transit system with nearly 1,900 buses (as of 2023).1 Unfortunately, this means there are numerous injuries to bus passengers, other motor vehicle occupants, and pedestrians every year. These injuries are often severe. They can require years of recovery and often leave victims permanently disabled. 

Obtaining large settlements to cover long-term expenses is possible. However, it takes time and patience when you need cash now. To ensure you can afford to pursue fair compensation, a mass transit injury settlement loan can help you get by.

Common Injuries Caused by Bus Accidents

Buses are much larger and heavier than cars. Bus passengers, other vehicle occupants, pedestrians, cyclists, and other victims of accidents involving buses are at risk of injuries such as:

Causes of Bus Accidents

The amount of public transportation injury funding you receive can be determined by the nature of your injuries. It can also be influenced by the cause of the accident. These are some of the most common causes of bus accidents:

Why You Need a Settlement Loan When Suing a Public Bus Company?

Some state governments are immune to many types of lawsuits. California has waived sovereign immunity, especially when employee negligence is involved. You can file a claim against a state or local government operating the bus line within two years of the accident. If the claim involves a wrongful death, it must be filed within six months.

The legal system provides the right to pursue claims against mass transit companies. However, navigating an insurance claim can be tough. Bus accident victims often deal with low settlement offers, as companies aim to settle quickly and pay as little as possible. But with patience and determination, you can seek higher compensation for medical bills, loss of income, and other damages.

How Do I Get Legal Funding?

You may be eligible for a mass transit injury settlement loan and not even know it. The criteria for eligibility are rather simple. You must be:

A non-recourse injury settlement loan can cover your medical bills, rent, legal costs, and daily expenses while your case is pending. Unlike a traditional loan, there are no upfront costs, and you don’t make regular payments. Only the merit of your case (not your credit or employment status) is a factor in accepting your application.

Apply for a Mass Transit Injury Settlement Loan Today

Fund Capital America offers a fast and simple process for applying for bus accident pre-settlement funding. Once we receive your application, we’ll speak to your attorney and make a decision within 24 hours. Repayment plans are term-based and based on the length of your recovery time. Legal funding is risk-free. You won’t owe anything back if your case doesn’t win. To obtain city bus crash legal funding, apply now or call (855) 870-2274.