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Semi-Truck Accidents

Semi-Truck Accidents


Need a Lawsuit Loans? Injury Loans? Consider Pre-Settlement Funding, The Better Alternative to Loans

The destruction from a semi-truck accident can leave victims hospitalized and unable to work for months or years. The United States Department of Transportation reports that over 500,000 accidents each year involve large commercial trucks including semi trucks. Annual fatalities resulting from truck accidents number in the thousands. Survivors are often left with broken bones, internal organ damage, or paralysis. If insurance can’t cover the costs, victims and their families are left with huge medical expenses.

Compensation for Victims of Semi-Truck Accidents

Victims and family members of victims of semi truck accidents often turn to lawsuit loans and structured settlement loans. However, these options usually come with lots of fine print, hidden terms, and high fees. You should never have to be at the mercy of predatory lenders, especially when you’re trying to recover from an accident.

In contrast, pre settlement funding can give you the cash advance you need without the unethical terms. Fund Capital America offers financial relief for drivers and passengers injured in a semi-truck accident for which they were not at fault. There is no pressure to settle early for a lower amount. Our legal funding specialists can offer your semi-truck accident cash advance as a one-time lump sum, monthly installment, or cash advances as your case progresses. 

Common Causes of Semi Truck Accidents

Several different variables can contribute to a semi truck accident. Some, such as poorly maintained roads, faulty traffic lights, or inclement weather are outside of the driver’s control. However, more common variables fall under the category of driver negligence or reckless driving.

  • The semi-truck may have faulty parts or failed to pass the state inspection.
  • Driver fatigue, speeding, texting or eating while driving, and drunk driving are all the fault of the driver.

An experienced semi truck accident lawyer can help prove your claim and get you the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.


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Benefits of Semi Truck Accident Lawsuit Settlement Funding

Pre-settlement funding and legal funding for semi-truck accident claims can help cover your medical expenses and regain financial freedom. There’s no pressure to settle early, a tactic that insurance companies often use to reduce the amount they have to pay to accident victims. Most importantly, you only pay back your cash advance if you win your case. It’s a quick, easy, and risk-free process.

Advantages of Legal Funding Over a Lawsuit Loan

Many victims of semi truck accidents apply for injury loans & lawsuit loans for accident settlements only to meet with nasty hidden fees and predatory terms. Some even end up in worse financial health than before they applied for the loan.
A better option is available in legal funding for semi truck accident suits. Legal funding provides you with cash within 24 hours without hidden fees or terms. You can apply online or over the phone without a credit check and get approved instantly. You’ll pay nothing upfront and nothing unless you win your case. If the lawsuit doesn’t settle in your favor, you keep 100% of your semi truck accident cash advance.

How to Qualify for Semi Truck Accident Lawsuit Funding

To qualify for a cash advance, you must have suffered an injury resulting from a Semi Truck accident for which you were not at fault. Next, you must have retained a personal injury attorney to handle your personal injury case. Finally, you must apply with Fund Capital America and provide details of your case. We will speak with your attorney for more information and will determine how much Semi Truck accident pre settlement funding to offer.


You can qualify for semi-truck accident lawsuit funding by meeting these requirements:
  1. You have suffered an injury from the accident for which you were not at fault.
  2. You have retained a personal injury attorney to handle your injury claim to collect financial compensation.
  3. You have applied for pre-settlement funding with Fund Capital America. We will speak with your lawyer for further information about your claim.

Were you injured or rendered unable to work due to a semi truck accident? Need to pay rent? Have medical bills piling up? Call Fund Capital America or apply online today to get the cash you need within 24 hours. We provide pre-settlement funding for a variety of cases to residents throughout California, including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, San Diego & More.

Semi-Truck Accident

Has your case settled, but you still haven't received your settlement check? apply for post-settlement funding with fca legal funding


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