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Fund Capital America: Legal Services We Offer

When you find yourself in the midst of a legal battle, it’s common to feel alone in your struggle to achieve a fair settlement. This is especially true for those who are victims of personal injuries and the legal and medical teams involved in their cases.

Whether you’re the plaintiff, attorney, or medical provider who is awaiting the results of a settlement, Fund Capital America has the following services to support you in your legal battles. 

Cash advance


We provide cash advances on settlements for victims of personal injuries to help ease the financial burden caused by unprecedented legal and medical fees.

Insurance Research Services (Policy Limits)


Fund Capital America provides insurance research services on the policy limits indicated on auto insurance policies. This service also will help determine and set the right policy limits for your insurance in the event of future accidents.

Doctor and Medical Facility Directory


We offer law firms access to a doctor and medical facility directory containing providers and facilities who work on medical liens. All of these doctors and facilities are thoroughly screened, allowing you to refer clients for their medical care.

Doctor and Medical Facility Scheduling


Along with the medical facility directory, we also provide a team of professionals who will facilitate and schedule your clients for their medical appointments.

Medical-Legal Finance

Medical-legal financing is available for each individual party involved in the litigation process. Whether you’re the plaintiff, attorney, or provider, we are prepared to provide you with the financing you need as you await the final decision and payout of a settlement.

Law Firm Banking


Law firm banking is available for law firms and attorneys who have to wait for an extended time for a settlement to payout. Our banking options will help your practice stay afloat and grow in business.

Medical Receivables and Provider Banking


Medical providers who treat injured patients have the option of a cash advance on their portion of the settlement before it reaches a final decision. This cash advance will help cover many expenses and help expand your practice to care for more injured patients.

Law Firm Services


Fund Capital America provides law firm services such as demand letter writing, propounding written discovery, medical record retrieval services, deposition subpoenas, and many more. If you are looking to delegate some of your menial, less demanding tasks, und Capital America is here to help ease the burden of your work.

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