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Doctor & Medical Facility Scheduling


Fund Capital America: Medical Concierge

Attorneys who represent injured clients are often tasked with a heavy workload that involves ensuring proper medical care is provided for their injuries. This is important from both a legal and health perspective. We all know how difficult life is after a terrible accident at work or on the road. Sustained injuries cause discomfort and prevent us from enjoying life to the fullest.
When meeting with these clients, the pain of their injuries is often evident from their discomfort, and it’s only natural to want to help. But how can you help without turning your office into a medical call center? We have a solution.

Concierge Medical Network on Liens

To ensure that your client receives the best medical service while under your care, we are excited to offer Concierge Medical Network to assist your clients with their injuries. This network is consistent with physicians and Concierge Scheduling representatives who will schedule appointments, assist with paperwork, and provide medical treatment. Our Concierge Scheduling staff offers the following benefits:
Doctor & Medical Facility Scheduling

In addition to our stellar Concierge Scheduling service, our Concierge Medical Network also provides an extended medical directory of doctors on liens. Our network is complete with medical facilities, pharmacies, and imaging centers.

Our doctor scheduling service will connect your clients with doctors and physicians who are specially trained to assess and diagnose injuries. They also provide extensive therapies using various modalities that fit the needs of the patients. Finally, they provide concierge medical service by assisting with filling out the appropriate paperwork required for the client’s legal case.

Our Concierge Medical Network is complete with doctors that provide care in Southern and Northern California regions. Together with our Concierge Scheduling services, our medical network will provide you and your client a seamless experience by taking over the medical facility scheduling, and facilitating all things medical for your legal case.

How It Works

Are you ready to take advantage of our medical concierge service? Here’s how it works:

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Step 1


Got a new, injured client? Begin by contacting us via phone, fax, or our portal. You will need to provide the client’s name, case details, and the services they require.
Step 2

Select Provider

Review our list of concierge doctors and select the provider that is suited best to you and your client’s preferences.
Step 3

Sign Lien Funding

After a brief review of the client’s case, a lien will be drafted and proposed for approval. All parties will sign off on the lien.
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Step 4


Once the lien is signed, our staff will assist with medical facility scheduling and ensure that the client receives the appropriate treatment and care required for their injuries.
Doctor & Medical Facility Scheduling
Step 5


At the completion of the therapy, Fund Capital America will provide payment to the provider and secure the lien, bills, and records. All of this documentation will be made available in our portal for the attorney to access and use in court. After the case settlement, our staff will arrange a payment plan to settle the lien.

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