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Medical Receivables Financing

Medical Receivables Financing

Medical Receivables Financing

Factoring medical receivables and managing other financing needs can be time-consuming. Fund Capital America takes the hassles away while complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Medical factoring delivers instant capital to providers such as physicians, diagnostic facilities, and hospitals. It eliminates payment concerns when a personal injury client needs care immediately.

How Does Medical Receivables Factoring Work?

Factoring is a form of medical receivables financing that is not a loan but a transfer of an asset. It is a purchase or sale of accounts receivable invoices at a discounted rate. The healthcare provider, or seller, in the transaction receives cash known as an “advance”. Factoring provides immediate access to cash and is mainly dependent on the ability to collect the account receivable to be purchased (rather than the provider’s creditworthiness).

Medical factoring can be recourse or non-recourse. Recourse factoring places the risk on the invoice seller, which must buy back uncollected invoices from the factor (the company that purchased the accounts receivable). Non-recourse factoring puts the risk of non-collection on the factor should the purchased invoices not be collectible. The factoring arrangement determines how the provider submits invoices and receives payments and reports.

How the Medical Invoice Factoring Process Is Managed

The process of factoring medical invoices is generally simple. It requires just a few basic steps:

  1. Invoices with the necessary support documentation are collected and submitted to the factor.
  2. The factor enters each invoice into its records and generates a report with the collected invoices listed.
  3. Each invoice generated by the provider is verified.
  4. The factor issues an immediate advance to the medical provider.
  5. The factor notifies patient debtors it has taken title to provider invoices to preserve its collection rights.
Medical Invoice Factoring

Why Choose Fund Capital America for Medical Receivables Financing

Factoring medical receivables doesn’t have to be complicated. Fund Capital America uses the latest technologies and has a highly trained staff to ensure:

  • Fast turnaround times
  • Frequent updates
  • A streamlined digital process
  • Consistent and accurate reporting
  • Anytime access to medical invoices
  • Encryption and privacy of information
  • HIPAA compliance

Our financial and other law firm services allow litigators and plaintiffs to focus on their cases. Payment of accounts receivable doesn’t have to hinder the legal process. We handle medical receivables factoring, so your clients get the care they need and your firm can work towards a fair settlement. knowledgeable and reliable, our staff is here to help every step of the way.

Contact Us Today to Get Started

Speed up your litigation process and simplify the work by letting us handle medical receivables financing. By speaking with one of our representatives, you can learn all your options, and we’ll help you determine the best solution for your firm. Call (855) 870-2274 to learn more.

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