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Fund Capital America Services For Riverside

Whether you are just starting your law practice or are a seasoned attorney with an extensive portfolio, chances are that you may need additional financial support to keep your law firm running. Fund Capital America is equipped to provide that support for lawyers and their clients and is now available in Riverside, CA.

Riverside Pre-Settlement Funding

Pre-settlement funding are available for those who are waiting for a decision on their personal injury case settlement. Our pre-settlement funding are available to residents throughout the region of Riverside. Whether you’re relaxing at Mission Inn or getting ready for a hike at Mount Rubidoux Park, accidents happen and can quickly alter your finances. Pre-settlement funding will help put your mind at ease as your case goes through the legal motions.

Riverside, California | Service Area

Services We Provide

We understand how stressful it can be to deal with the challenges of representing an injured client. Fund Capital America provides an extensive list of support services to help attorneys with serving their clients.
When you’re going through a personal injury lawsuit, it seems like problems related to this challenge reach as far into the sky as the airplanes from the March Field Air Museum. One of those problems is the shortage of cash. The increase in legal expenses can easily decrease your budget by a large margin.
Cash advances are available for legal clients who are strapped for cash while waiting for their claims to pay out. Our cash advance services will provide clients with the peace of mind they need to stay current with their bills and fight for a fair settlement.
Our insurance research services will assist you with finding the best insurance coverage and rate that will fit your needs. These insurance policies will provide coverage for Riverside county and help you have that peace of mind.
Fund Capital America will provide your law firm with a complete medical network of a doctor and medical facility directory. This directory will have the providers your clients need for their medical care. Additionally, we will provide your firm with a Concierge Scheduling service that will help locate the right providers, schedule appointments, and help out with all the necessary paperwork. This service will provide a seamless experience for your clients and their health needs.
Medical-legal financing is available for those who have sustained personal injuries that resulted from an accident or medical malpractice. They will help provide funding so the plaintiff may stay afloat as they wait for the litigation to process. This financing will also assist the attorney by providing them the peace of mind required to fight for a fair outcome of a settlement. Medical providers will also benefit from this financing option because they won’t have to stress about the expenses of running their practice while they wait for settlements to go through.

Fund Capital America also offers law firm banking for those law firms that require additional financial support while they wait for their client’s cases to settle. This banking option provides increased cash flow and an opportunity to expand your practice.

Provider banking options are available to providers who care for injured patients that are awaiting lawsuit settlements. Using your medical receivables as leverage, we will provide you with a lien that will help you sustain and expand your practice.
In addition to providing financial support, we also provide various law firm services. We will take the stress of everyday, menial tasks off your shoulders. We offer services such as propounding written subpoenas, writing demand letters and assisting with deposition subpoenas.

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