Outsourcing legal services helps busy law firms manage menial tasks that can fill the workday. It’s becoming more commonplace. A study of Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs) by Thomson Reuters and Georgetown Law Center found at least 51% of law firms use ALSPs, and $6.2 billion is spent annually on legal outsourcing.1 To focus on core litigation tasks, a firm can outsource document retrieval, review, and other tasks to local professionals. We’ll now look at the benefits of outsourcing legal services in Los Angeles. legal services in Los Angeles.

Expand Into Different Types of Law Practice

You can’t be an expert in everything. However, there’s an easy way to bring additional expertise into your firm. For example, you can contract the services of a criminal lawyer, bankruptcy lawyer, or an expert in family, employment, or civil litigation law to handle a wider range of cases. Or, if a case involves a business matter, an elder’s caregiver, or a matter with immigration, real estate, or intellectual property law, outside help can provide a solid foundation for resolving a client’s legal issues.

Qualified Help Is Always Available

You don’t need a large staff to handle a range of services. Hiring freelance attorneys provides the flexibility needed to bring in a diverse skill set. Your firm may be small or just starting out. But you can take on a new type of project or case and work with a freelance lawyer before fully expanding into a new service area or deciding on a new hire.

The Latest Technology Is Available

Aside from qualified expertise, outsourcing enables you to benefit from electronic document review or contract management. For example, eDiscovery can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve accuracy. Technology can also help protect sensitive legal data from unauthorized access or theft. It can also provide analytical and reporting tools, which provide insights into available data that can aid in improving your legal services.

It Does Not Violate Attorney-Client Privilege

Outsourcing legal services in Los Angeles does not violate the American Bar Association’s (ABA’s) guidelines on attorney-client privilege. According to the ABA, confidential information can be disclosed to a third-party vendor with informed consent. The attorney-client privilege applies to a client’s communications with their legal representative and to a lawyer’s communications with any vendor providing services for them (and the work products they provide).

You Can Offer Legal Services at a Lower Cost

Since you can reduce overhead associated with support staff like secretaries, document coders, and paralegals, and save on equipment and office space, you can lower your firm’s operating costs. You can also pass the savings on to clients. Outsourcing makes it easier to charge on a contingency fee basis and even charge a flat-rate fee to clients.

More Time to Recharge

A heavy workload can increase the pressure so that you feel the need to work constantly. It can also take time to turn a profit. However, outsourcing legal services allows you to get a day’s work done and have time to spend time with family and friends. You can even use the extra time to indulge in hobbies. Or, you can go for a hike or relax on the beach!

You Can Outsource a Wide Range of Services

Filing a lawsuit, discovery, litigation, and other legal processes involve many different steps. Focusing on your client’s case and negotiating with insurance companies and other parties is much easier if someone else can handle more menial tasks. Some of the legal services you can outsource include:

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