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Can I Take More Than One Lawsuit Cash Advance Payment?

Lawsuit Cash Advance Payment

Yes. There’s no limit on how many lawsuit cash advance payments you can apply for. Accident injury victims have many needs and their cases often take time. If you’re waiting for a car accident, slip and fall, or medical malpractice case to settle, the total advance limit is about 20% of the case value. So […]

How Do I Get a Petition for Minor’s Compromise in California?

Petition for Minor's Compromise

When a child is injured in a car crash, receiving compensation for their injuries can be challenging. The Probate Court advocates for minors and individuals with disabilities. It requires obtaining a written agreement signed by a parent or guardian before any settlement funds are distributed. This article will explain how to get a petition for […]

How Does a Medical Chronology Affect My Case?

Medical Chronology

At Fund Capital America, we provide settlement funding and law firm services such as police report retrieval, demand writing, and medical chronology summaries. These provide a great deal of support for a case. A medical summary is an important part of the discovery phase and helps communicate relevant facts during a lawsuit. What Is a […]

How to File a Claim for an Animal Bite

Claim for an Animal Bite

Filing a claim for an animal bite is often a difficult decision. But of millions of people bitten by dogs and other animals every year, many of them require medical attention. While most dog bite cases are settled out of court, victims are often friends with the dog owner or fear something could happen to […]

Pedestrian Fatalities Increase Sharply

Pedestrian Fatalities

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has released the latest numbers, showing that pedestrian accidents involving vehicles has risen dramatically. In 2016, there were 5,987 pedestrian deaths caused by vehicular accidents. Pedestrian fatalities hit a low in 2009, but the latest tally represents a 48% increase in fatal pedestrian accidents. By examining these statistics […]

Fund Capital America Can Accelerate Your Accident Settlement

Personal injury lawsuits take time, and a settlement may not be reached for weeks, months, or even years. All the while, you are not only worried about paying legal fees, but also medical bills, rent, and for daily necessities. Fund Capital America now offers a solution in the form of settlement acceleration. Normally you would […]

Lawsuit Cash Advance REFI / Cash Out Program

One of the biggest hurdles for attorneys is a client who is short on cash. Personal injury clients often have financial burdens that leave them with no choice but to settle early or avoid a case altogether. Cash advances give them a reason to move forward but can also become expensive. A California lawsuit-funding specialist, […]

Fund Capital America Unveils 36-Month Cap-Out Contract

36-Month Cap-Out Contract Helps Plaintiffs with Pre-Settlement Funding Fund Capital America has announced a 36-month cap-out contract to plaintiffs in need of pre-settlement funding. It indicates the most a client has to repay on pre-settlement funding in California, so there are no uncertainties or surprises. Also, the contract details the minimum and maximum payback timeframes regardless of case length. […]

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