When a child is injured in a car crash, receiving compensation for their injuries can be challenging. The Probate Court advocates for minors and individuals with disabilities. It requires obtaining a written agreement signed by a parent or guardian before any settlement funds are distributed. This article will explain how to get a petition for minor’s compromise in California and what the process entails.

When Do I Need a Petition for Minor’s Compromise?

Under California law, a minor child injured in a car crash or other accident cannot sign off on a settlement agreement until age 18. The state has measures to protect minors and any personal injury settlements they receive. If a total settlement is less than $5,000, parents or guardians can manage settlement funds directly without court approval. Major insurance carriers in California usually waive the minor’s compromise in these cases as well.

The Process to Obtain a Petition for Minor’s Compromise in California

However, if the total settlement exceeds $5,000, the court must issue a minor’s compromise. The case must be opened with the court and then:

Fund Capital America Can Help with a Petition for Minor’s Compromise in California

A petition for minor’s compromise requires a lot of legal paperwork and Fund Capital America can do the heavy lifting for you. If you’re the parent or guardian of an injured minor child, our legal experts will complete all the required forms. We provide pre-settlement funding services as well. Contact us at (855) 870-2274 today to learn more.