At Fund Capital America, we provide settlement funding and law firm services such as police report retrieval, demand writing, and medical chronology summaries. These provide a great deal of support for a case. A medical summary is an important part of the discovery phase and helps communicate relevant facts during a lawsuit.

What Is a Medical Chronology?

It is a timeline-based summary of medical events based on a client’s medical records. The patient’s medical care following an accident is described in precise detail. Instead of simply listing events and dates, the summary provides key details such as the type of visit, the date and time of each appointment, and the names of healthcare providers and medical facilities. Diagnostic information and the patient’s prognosis are included as well.

These details can provide insights into causation. The impact on a case can be significant because the patient’s injuries can be directly correlated with an accident. Therefore, a medical chronology helps strengthen claims. If the argument is convincing enough, the odds of winning a trial or a defendant opting for a settlement can increase.

How Medical Chronologies Strengthen Personal Injury Claims

In addition to pointing out all the strong points of a case, a well-documented medical chronology can:

A personal injury victim may have a long medical history. Their medical records may be voluminous so reviewing them can take time. Having a detailed timeline of events makes reviewing pertinent information less challenging. It can also help determine possible areas of liability and whether certain allegations are valid. Therefore, a medical chronology can help reduce the complexity of the litigation process.

Receive a Medical Chronology Summary from Fund Capital America

To obtain a medical chronology summary for a client, apply online with Fund Capital America. Our comprehensive summaries include an injury report, a patient history, and a flow of events. We ensure our medical summaries are concise and easy to understand. If you have any questions about this or our other services, give us a call at 855-870-2274