36-Month Cap-Out Contract Helps Plaintiffs with Pre-Settlement Funding

Fund Capital America has announced a 36-month cap-out contract to plaintiffs in need of pre-settlement funding. It indicates the most a client has to repay on pre-settlement funding in California, so there are no uncertainties or surprises. Also, the contract details the minimum and maximum payback timeframes regardless of case length.

Why Work with Fund Capital America?

The company offers plaintiffs even more benefits. For example, cash advances can be provided in three different ways, including: Lump sum payments, Monthly installments, Payments as the case progress

As opposed to a lawsuit loan, you do not need to have good credit or any credit at all. You also do not need to prove you have a source of income. Your California lawsuit cash advance is based on the details of your case alone!

Fund Capital America

Repayment is always based on the time the money is used and required only if the case wins (as opposed to settlement loans, which always must be repaid — principle). The funding process is simple as well. There is no upfront payment and no hidden fees. Clients are not required to provide an out-of-pocket payment either. Best of all, the application is free and Fund Capital America responds within 24 hours.

Legal Funding for Many Case Types

Funding is available, with the 36-month cap-out contract and 45-day minimum payback period, for clients and their relatives or loved ones who are victims of:

The company also covers funding for product liability, medical device, pharmaceutical drug, and labor law cases.

Pre-settlement funding is better than a lawsuit loan because if their case doesn’t win, the recipient doesn’t have to pay back the company. Fees are generally low but are based on the risk of the case. With Fund Capital America, an applicant may receive up to $100,000 in 24 hours to cover living expenses if they can’t work and/or have medical bills to pay.

Approval is based only on the facts of the case. Banks will go into your financial history, and check your credit, in determining whether to approve a loan request, no matter how severe the applicant’s injuries and the situation may be. Obtaining settlement funding is much simpler and your personal financial situation is not a factor in getting approved.

Learn more about cap-out contracts/payback terms and apply for legal funding by visiting Fund Capital America, or call 855-870-2274 today. You can also use our online application to apply immediately!