Personal injury lawsuits take time, and a settlement may not be reached for weeks, months, or even years. All the while, you are not only worried about paying legal fees, but also medical bills, rent, and for daily necessities. Fund Capital America now offers a solution in the form of settlement acceleration. Normally you would not have access to settlement funds until the case is over; that means increased pressure to settle early and for less.

Is there a way to avoid this? Pre-settlement funding isn’t unusual, and is a more practical alternative to a lawsuit loan, which requires a credit check and payback regardless of whether your case wins or not. But by accelerating your settlement, you get cash up-front in a lump sum or monthly installments. You’ll pay it back later as a percentage of your final settlement amount.

Using the Reverse Mortgage Principle

A reverse mortgage, a type of home equity loan, also doesn’t require regular payments and is paid back only under certain conditions—if you move, sell the home, or die. The concept is most often used by older homeowners. A lender provides payments on a monthly basis, which the borrower continues to receive throughout their lifetime.

To qualify, a homeowner must have accumulated equity on their home. Also, if the balance is below your home’s value upon repayment, you keep the difference. But while age and home value affect how much cash you get, a settlement cash advance is dependent on the facts of your case, as calculated by an underwriter at Fund Capital America.

Why Wait? Get Your Settlement Funding Now

Most personal injury clients can’t wait a year or two for a settlement. They may be unable to work and face a mountain of bills and debt. With settlement acceleration, the funding you receive is like a future asset, or equity. Cash is pulled from the future settlement. If and when the case settles, selling back a portion of it to Fund Capital America completes repayment.

And just as with a reverse mortgage, there are no restrictions on how you can use a settlement advance. You can use the funds to pay off debt or cover rent, medical bills, medication, therapy, or even to put food on the table. The cash advance can also be used to fulfill your financial obligations to family members and friends.

Regardless of how long your case takes, getting a settlement check from the defendant or an insurance company can take time. The process can be long and frustrating. Fortunately, Fund Capital America offers a solution to your money worries and that allows you to follow through on your case.

Apply for Settlement Acceleration with Fund Capital America Today

We offer a Financial Relief Program for personal injury plaintiffs in California. It benefits the plaintiff and allows their attorney and law firm to continue with a case until it settles. All too often, plaintiffs are pressured into settling for less. Fund Capital America offers an easy application and approval process; once we speak with your lawyer, you can receive your funds within 24 hours. By accelerating your settlement with Fund Capital America, you receive the cash you need without a credit check or high fees that a loan would require.

Even if you, the client or the attorney, has an advance with another funding company or has funded the client on your own, you may be able to refinance your prior cash advance with Fund Capital America so that it potentially reduces the total amount owed at end of the case when it is time to pay it back and/or take the risk for you.

Learn more about how the process works by calling 855-870-2274, or apply for legal funding today.