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For personal injury clients awaiting cash from their settlement, the legal process can be long and frustrating. On top of everything, it can take months or years to receive any payment, all the while rent or mortgage payments are due and medical bills and other expenses keep coming in.

The duration it takes to receive your settlement check can depend on a few factors, including:

  • The type of case — auto accident case, product recall case, etc.
  • Cases involving an insurance company
  • Cases involving the state of California
  • Cases involving the lien holder
  • Medical or medicare reductions
  • Number of plaintiffs involved
  • The lawsuit settlement amount
  • Terms of the payout

FCA Legal Funding offers a solution in the form of a type of cash advance. This settled case funding is designed to give you some financial freedom and peace of mind. It is much less of a financial burden than a settled case lawsuit loan. You get much-needed cash with non-recourse post-settlement lawsuit funding to get your life back in order.

Post-settlement funding differs from a settled case lawsuit loan in that it’s tied directly to the facts of your case. There’s no credit check, no collateral, and no up-front fees. You don’t have to worry about your income being judged in determining your eligibility. Plus, when you factor in high fees, loans can be prohibitively expensive, which you may not realize until it’s too late.

Legal funding can be acquired via a much easier process with no hidden fees, no middleman, and by filling out a quick online form in less than 10 minutes when you apply on our website.

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Post-Settlement Funding for All Cases

Legal funding is available for clients who are involved in any personal injury case, including the following types of cases:

FCA Legal Funding Can Help Right Now

When you choose our Los Angeles based legal funding specialists, there’s no delay. We get on your case immediately. Once we receive the basic information you submit, we look at your case and cash can be in your hands within 24 hours. If you need a lump sum cash payment, we can honor your request, or the cash advance can be provided in monthly installments. However you choose to be paid, the repayment process is simple; the advance proceeds are deducted from your eventual settlement funds (it’s like getting your settlement cash without waiting for the check!).

Also take advantage of our financial relief program. Receive either an accelerated settlement out of your future payment or refinance your cash advance for a more affordable solution. To learn more about your options, contact us on our website, by phone, or apply now to see if you qualify for post-settlement funding today.

Just like with a lawsuit cash advance, there are no restrictions on what you can use post-settlement cash advances for. The bills won’t stop even if there’s a delay in your payment after settlement. Creditors won’t put your payment obligations on hold, and mortgage lenders won’t either, but there’s hope. You can pay your credit cards, hospital bills, health insurance, travel, and even your rent, or afford to put food on the table and support your family. Many people in this situation are out of work due to their injury. Nonetheless, we provide a solution and convenient alternative to a post-settlement lawsuit loan to help you out.

FCA Legal Funding comes highly-rated due to our professional customer service & fast 24-hour cash advance for a variety of accidents. Browse our reviews to see what our customers have to say!