Fund Capital America provides surgical financing to clients who require surgery and have a pending personal injury claim. Surgery funding covers the costs of many types of medical procedures. When your surgeon or hospital won’t accept a medical lien on a future settlement, healthcare funding ensures you get the treatment you need now. We’ll explain why this is significant, answer common questions, and explain how to apply for funding.

Personal Injury Settlements Take Time

A settlement can be months or years away. But if you’ve been injured in an accident and have a personal injury case, we can provide surgery funding to cover all your medical costs. It’s not uncommon for plaintiffs to require surgical treatment for injuries sustained in accidents. When you don’t have the cash or your health insurance coverage won’t pay, you can receive the exact amount of funding needed.

What Is Surgical Funding?

Surgical funding is a cash advance on your future settlement that provides the financial resources to cover the cost of your surgery. In addition to the procedure, it can cover the cost of specialist visits, follow-up care, medical transportation, medication, rehabilitation, and in-home care. It also gives your attorney time to negotiate a proper settlement, so you’re compensated for injury-related expenses incurred  by a negligent party.

Can’t I Get a Loan to Cover Surgical Costs?

A traditional personal loan can be used to cover medical costs. However, a bank or lender will factor in your credit and require repayment to begin right away. Meanwhile, personal injury clients often have limited financial resources and face numerous accident-related expenses. Non-recourse surgical funding is often better since it’s paid back from your future settlement proceeds.

Can I Be Refused Treatment If I Don’t Have Insurance?

A hospital cannot refuse to treat your injuries if you aren’t insured. It is required by law (The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act) to examine and treat anyone seeking medical care. Your ability to pay isn’t a factor, but surgical financing from Fund Capital America ensures medical practitioners get paid up-front without having to set up a lien.

What Types of Surgery Can Be Funded?

The cost of surgery is often quite high. But Fund Capital America can provide surgical funding to cover the cost of:

Benefits of Surgery Funding

Healthcare funding is typically available immediately. It avoids having to accept a medical lien or find patient assistance programs or nonprofit medical organizations. You don’t have to worry about medical savings accounts or public health funding options. Plus, the lender is paid back only if your case wins. You won’t pay anything out of pocket even if your case loses or settles for less than expected.

You’ll also have broader access to medical care options. But surgical funding doesn’t only benefit the patient. Surgeons, anesthesiologists, and other healthcare providers benefit as well. They won’t deal with collection delays or be at risk of nonpayment.

How to Apply for Surgery Funding

To approve your request for surgical financing, we’ll need the name of your insurance company, information about your insurance policy, and details on the nature of the surgery. The estimated cost of the procedure is also important. Details on who gets paid (and how much) are also required. Apply online with your name, contact information, details on your case, the requested amount, and the law firm representing you.

We work quickly to get you the funding you need. Insurance discovery is an important part of our approval process. Our team can investigate the type of insurance coverage a patient has. The client may be unaware of all their benefits. But we can obtain information on an existing policy and fully analyze it. An insurance policy may include additional coverage or opportunities for medical care reimbursement..

Apply With or Call Fund Capital America Today

We employ a streamlined process to provide the cash you need quickly. The advantages include same-day funding, no down payment, and no credit checks. Our rates are affordable, and you’ll pay no upfront costs. To get started, fill out our online application form with information on your case, lawyer, and amount of surgical funding needed. You’ll then receive a prompt decision. Call (855) 870-2274 if you have questions or need assistance.