FCA Legal Funding: The Better Alternative for Lawsuit Loans in California

Have you been injured by a reckless electric scooter rider? Are you recovering from a scooter crash, and don’t believe it’s your fault? FCA Legal Funding can provide legal funding for an electric scooter accident.

If approved, you can receive funding within 24 hours, with no hidden fees. Our team serves clients throughout California. Even if your case loses, and there’s no recovery, you still win—repayment is based on the time of your case to settlement.

Searching for an Electric Scooter Accident Lawsuit Funding? Consider Pre-Settlement Funding with FCA Legal Funding!

In Southern California, rideshare electric scooters have taken over the streets and sidewalks, thanks to aggressive campaigns by several companies. Riders face the risk of accidents and severe injuries. In such cases, pre-settlement funding is a much more practical alternative to settlement loans for electric scooter accidents.

The following companies have dominated California streets with electric scooters:

Common Types of Electric Scooter Accidents

Each company has asserted safety guidelines to riders, including requirements to be 18+ years old, have a valid driver’s license, wear a helmet, and follow all traffic laws. Riders are also urged to stay within designated bike lanes. If you follow safety guidelines and have been in an accident, your attorney can build a stronger case for you. Pre-settlement funding can help you afford daily expenses until you obtain a fair settlement following:

Car Accidents: Collisions often happen when a motorist makes a left turn, changes lanes, or a scooter rider is in their blind spot. Riders, who aren’t protected by a vehicle frame, seat belt, or air bags, are often seriously injured.

Road Faults: A pothole, uneven pavement, or debris can cause a scooter rider to lose control and fall. Poor drainage, inadequate street lighting, ice, or issues with signage, traffic lights, construction sites, or manhole covers might put also riders at risk..

Abandoned Scooters: Oftentimes scooters can be left anywhere. In some places, this has stirred controversy, as riders have left vehicles on the sidewalk, in front of building entrances, or blocking residents’ and business owners’ doors, causing trip hazards.

Pedestrian Accidents: Scooters travel much faster than people. Pedestrians may suddenly cross a path or stop abruptly, especially if startled by an oncoming scooter. Riders are therefore urged to stay off sidewalks.


What to Do After an Electric Scooter Accident

If possible, stay on the scene. Call 911 and, if injured, request immediate medical attention. The electric scooter accident should be reported to the police if it involved another vehicle or there are injuries. Report information on where you were, if anyone else was involved, and how you were injured. Seek treatment at a hospital and hold on to medical bills/records, which will help if you seek lawsuit funding. Next, consult with a personal injury lawyer who knows how to fight for your claim and win a settlement.

Who Is Liable for the Accident Caused by an Electric Scooter?

Liability depends on the unique circumstances of your case. Scooter companies often protect themselves from liability by making riders sign rental agreements, but they could be responsible for poorly maintained scooters. A pedestrian who intentionally blocks a scooter’s path may also be liable. Another motorist can be held liable for recklessness or negligence, while a city or municipality might be held accountable for poorly maintained roads, signs, or traffic signals.


Why Choose FCA Legal Funding

You do not have to settle for an electric scooter accident settlement loan. FCA Legal Funding offers lawsuit funding that provides you with immediate financial support. We can offer direct funding in a one-time lump sum, monthly installments, or periodic advances as your case moves forward. There is no middleman, no hidden fees, and no upfront payment. Even if you lose your case, you still get to keep the money. We also offer the most flexible pre-settlement funding options available. Need your settlement funds sooner? We can accelerate the process using the reverse mortgage principle, so you don’t wait months or years for your settlement. If you already have a cash advance with another company, and have collected an exorbitant amount in fees, another option is to refinance your cash advance with FCA Legal Funding. Our funding application takes less than 10 minutes and your request can be approved within 24 hours once we receive the required information. Apply now to find out if you qualify, or call us today at 855-870-2274.

Why Choose Legal Funding over Lawsuit Loans

To be compensated for damages, reaching a settlement takes time. The financial strain often forces injured clients to settle early for less. Settlement funding provides you with resources to pay medical bills, get to medical treatments, pay the rent and bills, and handle family obligations.

An electric scooter accident settlement loan, on the other hand, may not provide the financial relief you need. Added fees and high fees can add to your burden. Plus, lenders are typically not concerned with your injury or condition. They prioritize your employment status, credit history, and other personal factors over anything else.

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