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Litigation Financing

Litigation Financing

Litigation, and even access to an attorney, is inherently expensive. This is not because lawyers like charging high fees, although they must bill for their time. Research, depositions, court motions, witness preparation, subpoenas, and other factors such as court fees and the need for consultants all come with costs. Oftentimes a personal injury plaintiff cannot […]

Common Types of Personal Injury Compensation

Health insurance claim form with money, calculator and stethoscope on the table.

A personal injury case can be complex and require time and patience. As a plaintiff seeking personal injury compensation, you may seek what in legal terms is called “damages”. These can include compensation for injuries, property damage, or any loss resulting from an injury caused by someone else’s negligence or harmful intent. There are several […]

What Are Pain and Suffering Damages?

Pain and Suffering Damages

Many people know enough to associate pain and suffering with personal injury claims and lawsuits. However, the legal perspective applied by an accident attorney differentiates physical from mental pain and suffering. The way an attorney approaches this legal concept affects how injury-related insurance claims and lawsuits are calculated. The two types are defined as follows: […]

Lawsuit Funding Myths Busted

Busting Lawsuit Funding Myths Legal funding in California, also known as lawsuit advances, offer a cash advance opportunity for plaintiffs that need income while waiting for their lawsuits to pay out. While this can be a valuable financial tool to the right individual, many myths about these financing options have circulated that cause those who […]

Lawsuit Funding For Pedestrian Accidents

California Pre-Settlement Funding Unlike rideshare or car accidents, accidents involving pedestrians are much more fiscally, emotionally, and physically impactful for victims as well as their families. In addition to the emotional stress, the effects of the physical injuries may also take a substantial toll on the financial well-being of the victim, causing them even further […]

Lawsuit Funding: True Financial Assistance for Injured Bicyclists

California Lawsuit Loan Alternative According to a federal government study, more than 800 deaths were reported from motor vehicle accidents involving a bicycle in 2015. Moreover, an estimated 45,000 bicyclists were injured and brought to various hospitals in the same year. Bicycle accidents may result in life-threatening injuries. That is why the majority of the […]

Neck Pain: Stress or Chronic Whiplash?

California Pre-Settlement Funding: Obtaining Lawsuit Cash Advances for Our Clients If you work and experience neck pain regularly, it could be the aftereffect of a stressful day at work. If you were recently in an accident, however, this could also be the cause of your discomfort. But why did your whiplash go unnoticed after the accident? […]

Lawsuit Cash Advances: What You Need to Know

The California Alternative to Lawsuit Loans Recovering from an accident can be costly, especially if you are unable to work. If your finances are currently unable to bear the expenses of a lawsuit, applying for a lawsuit cash advance is an available alternative. Since it is different from other types of financing such as a […]

Common Car Accident Injuries & Their Treatment

California Pre-Settlement Funding 2.2 million car accidents occur every year, according to government statistics. With thousands of drivers regularly on the road, accidents are common and can occur on almost every day. With the progress in science and technology, we might one day develop completely safe automobiles, but until then it is best to know […]

The Risks of Lawsuit Loans

Be aware of the risks posed by lawsuit loans! A lawsuit loan gives you the necessary funds while you wait for your settlement to come to a conclusion, funding you may need for paying your expenses such as rent, mortgage, or medical expenses if you were in an accident. Also referred to as lawsuit lending […]

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