California Lawsuit Loan Alternative

According to a federal government study, more than 800 deaths were reported from motor vehicle accidents involving a bicycle in 2015. Moreover, an estimated 45,000 bicyclists were injured and brought to various hospitals in the same year.

Bicycle accidents may result in life-threatening injuries. That is why the majority of the victims turn to pre-settlement funding to receive financial help for the medical expenses incurred.

Why do we have such a high rate of bicycle accidents?

Sharing roads with a bicyclist is not appreciated in many countries. People take bicyclists as obtrusive and resent their presence on the same road. Since cyclists generally don’t get adequate consideration on roads, this eventually leads to a high rate of accidents.

In addition to the hostile attitude, cyclists also have to face the risk posed by damaged roads; all of this making bicycle riding quite dangerous which increases the likelihood of collisions.

So, what do we mean by a lawsuit loan alternative and why should a bicyclist opt for one?

Since filing a lawsuit is not only expensive but also a time-consuming task, if you end up incurring hefty medical bills after a bicycle accident, you may find yourself in a financially difficult situation.

Hence, to deal with such a situation, you can opt for pre-settlement funding to get rid of the financial stress while you wait for your lawsuit to be settled. Once you opt for lawsuit funding, the funding company such as Fund Capital America provides you an advance during the settlement period of your case and protects your right to a lawsuit settlement.

Benefits of Opting for Lawsuit Funding

Below are some major advantages of availing a lawsuit funding.

Pre-settlement funding with Fund Capital America is not a loan, but a settlement cash-advance that provides great financial assistance to bicyclers in the time of need after being seriously injured in an accident.  We work to get you your settlement advance within 48 hours of filling out our online form.  Get started now and get the funding you need!