California Pre-Settlement Funding

Unlike rideshare or car accidents, accidents involving pedestrians are much more fiscally, emotionally, and physically impactful for victims as well as their families.

In addition to the emotional stress, the effects of the physical injuries may also take a substantial toll on the financial well-being of the victim, causing them even further problems.

However, people are now leveraging the compensation offered by insurance companies to help themselves out by obtaining California lawsuit funding. Lawsuit funding is basically a cash advance on a lawsuit which helps one in getting through the settlement period without worrying about their expenses or even medical bills.

Approval for legal funding in California is a relatively simple and fast process.  Because legal funding is not a lawsuit loan, your credit score is immaterial to whether you get approved or not.  Once approved, cash is typically forwarded to you within 48 hours of filing your application.

Two things legal funding agencies will consider are who is responsible for the pedestrian accident and the extent of your injuries.

If the driver of the vehicle that hit you was texting or distracted in some other negligent way, or was intoxicated, or failed to obey posted traffic signs, this is a clear example of negligence, offering you a good chance at winning your case and being approved for pre-settlement funding.

The Need for Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit funding is about receiving a portion of your settlement before your case actually ends and, when you would otherwise receive the final payout of your lawsuit. It is in reality more like financial assistance in your time of need than a typical loan. As many know, a lawsuit may take months or even years to reach a settlement. As an injured pedestrian, you may have to pay for hefty medical bills, which means you might need cash immediately to meet these additional expenses.

That is exactly what lawsuit funding supports you with. It helps you in meeting your current expenses, without waiting to receive the settlement amount. It aids you in paying. Moreover, you may use this pedestrian settlement funding for a variety of expenses including bills payments, purchasing a vehicle, or even buying groceries.

In addition to this, if you opt for a lawsuit cash advance, you can wait for the fair settlement of your case without unnecessarily agreeing less compensation than you would receive if you had forced your attorney to settle early.

Hence, with a lawsuit funding for pedestrian accidents, you don’t need to wait long to receive your cash nor do you need to settle for less than what you deserve to receive.

Your Pedestrian Accident Injuries & Legal Funding

rInjuries commonly sustained by victims of pedestrian accidents are quite often serious, typically requiring considerable medical attention and time to recover.  Such injuries include:

Even if you have not suffered any of these injuries, you may still be able to receive a California lawsuit cash advance. Put simply, as long as you get injured in a pedestrian accident for which you were not to blame, and you have retained an attorney to pursue an injury suit, you are qualified to receive a cash advance.

Lawsuit Cash Advances vs. Lawsuit Loans

There are funding companies out there who offer lawsuit loans to the victims of pedestrian accidents, but what Fund Capital America provides is rather a lawsuit cash advance.  What this means, is that, whereas with a loan you are obligated to repay no matter the outcome of your legal case, with a lawsuit cash advance, you will not be asked to repay your advance in the event that your injury lawyer loses your case.  Further, there is no paperwork involved: Fund Capital America only considers the details of your pedestrian accident itself, not your credit score or personal financial information when making a decision regarding your funding.

Fund Capital America is available to all citizen of California who have been injured and need help paying their bills.  Give us a call to begin the process or fill out our online form.  We can get you cash within 48 hours of filling it out!