Liability Insurance VS. Full Coverage: Which is Right for Me?

When you file a lawsuit, it can take months or years to reach a settlement. Meanwhile, you may be depending on the proceeds you’ll receive for damages, especially if it’s a personal injury or wrongful death case. A pre-settlement contingent cash advance can lessen the financial strain. Unlike a loan, it’s not paid back if […]

What is Post-Settlement Funding?

Being awarded damages by a court can take a while. By now, you’ve been dealing with a case, not to mention possible injuries and expenses related to an accident, for some time. Just because you’re now entitled to compensation, doesn’t mean you’ll receive the money anytime soon. That’s where post-settlement funding comes in. If you […]

How Long Does a Settlement Take?

Plaintiffs in a personal injury case often ask, “How long does a settlement take?” Being in a hurry to settle the case often means being awarded fewer damages. You can get a larger settlement amount by letting your attorney fight for your rights. But this can take a little time. Settlement funding can cover your […]

Medical-Legal Finance

Every now and then life brings us challenges in the form of accidents that result in physical injuries. These physical injuries are often life-altering and costly to get treated. It may also seem that in the times when you are in a vulnerable, physical state that the world is against you. Does this situation seem […]

How Does a Settlement Loan Work?

You can apply for settlement loans after filing your lawsuit. Learn more about how the process works and browse FCA Legal Funding’s available programs.

Can My Lawyer Deny Me from Getting A Pre-Settlement Loan?

A lawsuit funding company must obtain information from your attorney before making an offer. Obtaining litigation funding, therefore, requires your lawyer’s cooperation. If your legal counsel refuses to cooperate, then you won’t get much-needed cash to pay for medical bills, utilities, rent, and other financial obligations while your personal injury case is pending. If you’re […]

Top 7 Hazards in the Construction Industry

Construction workers are more at risk of accidents than people in any other industry. Numerous hazards contribute to the high injury and fatality rate of individuals employed in high-risk work environments. The top 7 hazards include: 1. Height The most common cause of fatal construction worker injuries is a fall from height. A fall can […]

Personal Injury vs. Workers’ Compensation

The lines can become blurred between personal injury cases and worker’s compensation claims. It isn’t uncommon for injuries to happen during work hours, but what factors should you take into consideration before filing a claim? Some people think personal injury and workers’ compensation claims are synonymous. In reality, there are a few significant differences. In […]

Common Types of Personal Injury Compensation

A personal injury case can be complex and require time and patience. As a plaintiff seeking personal injury compensation, you may seek what in legal terms is called “damages”. These can include compensation for injuries, property damage, or any loss resulting from an injury caused by someone else’s negligence or harmful intent. There are several […]