Construction workers are more at risk of accidents than people in any other industry. Numerous hazards contribute to the high injury and fatality rate of individuals employed in high-risk work environments. The top 7 hazards include:

1. Height

The most common cause of fatal construction worker injuries is a fall from height. A fall can involve a worker on a tall building, or someone who falls from a scaffold, ladder, or due to slipping off a roof. The absence of guard rails and safety nets increases the risk of falls from height.

2. Slips, Trips, and Falls

Uncompleted buildings, uneven floors, wet/slippery surfaces, trailing cables, and obstacles such as improperly placed materials and equipment contribute to slips, trips, and falls at construction sites. Thousands of construction workers are injured this way every year.

3. Falling Objects

On a construction site, everything is in motion. Objects being moved or that aren’t properly secured can fall or shift, hurting anyone in harm’s way. These often involve very heavy materials and equipment such as supply or dumper trucks and overhead lifting equipment.

4. Impacts

Moving objects such as supply vehicles, overhead cranes, and pallets present a risk to workers. There aren’t always lights or beepers to warn of danger. Workers should wear Personal Protective Equipment at all times and avoid working close to moving objects.

5. Electrocution

Workers are often close to live wires, cables, and power sources. But direct contact with live electricity isn’t necessary to be hurt; contact with conducting objects or materials can be just as bad. Electric shocks are often secondary events related to falls, but sometimes occur when unqualified workers carry out electrical work.

6. Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos was banned long ago but remains hidden and very present in older buildings. Construction activity produces a lot of dust. Asbestos and other airborne fibers and materials can damage the lungs and lead to serious diseases. Workers must be trained on how to handle suspicious materials and operate in dusty work environments. Toxic fumes and mold are also respiratory health risks.

7. Noise

Construction sites are inherently noisy. Over time, excessive noise can cause deafness and other hearing problems. It can also distract workers, increasing their risk of injury from other construction industry hazards.

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