The reason for settlement funding is to have financial support after an accident. If you’ve sustained a personal injury, medical bills and other expenses can strain your budget, especially when rent, utilities, and other bills keep piling on. On top of that, many personal injury victims are unable to work and therefore have little or no income to draw from. Fortunately, there are options if you find yourself in this situation; we’ll explain how you can get money while waiting for your settlement.

Why You Need Money Now

Personal injury victims often suddenly find themselves with a load of extra expenses. These may include ambulance and emergency department fees and the cost of ongoing medical treatment, physical therapy, and modifications to your home if you become disabled. Physical and mental pain and suffering can exact a toll that can drain your finances. If a loved one lost their lives in the accident, you’ll have to pay for burial costs as well.

How to Obtain Money

Accident funding is not a loan in the traditional sense. It essentially borrows the proceeds from a future settlement and is backed by your legal claim. Qualifying for funding is relatively simple and comes with basic requirements, meaning you must:

Ask Someone for Help

Try talking to a family member, friend, neighbor, or colleague. You never know who may be able and willing to assist you financially. However, there’s always a chance they may not offer help, whether due to their own financial obligations or your questionable loan history with them. In such instances, use a pending settlement or proof your case is going to court in convincing them you’ll pay them back.

Use Your Health Insurance

If you’ve been paying health insurance premiums on time, your insurer’s policy might cover all or most of the costs of medical care. This can certainly help when you’re strapped for cash. Check the documentation for your policy if you’re not sure what’s covered, or call your health insurance agent to see if your policy covers injuries like the ones you sustained in an accident.

Seek Funds from a Charity

Numerous charitable organizations work to help people in need, including those who have suffered a personal injury. Oftentimes, hospital and medical practitioners have knowledge of such charities. These organizations can also be found online by searching for those that provide funding to personal injury patients.

Check Out Settlement Loans

Some lenders specialize in providing loans against pending settlements. You must have an ongoing lawsuit or settlement case in court. But loans come with high-interest rates and other fees, so be sure to know all the terms before accepting this kind of support. Plus, you’re usually required to pay the loan starting right away regardless of whether your case wins or not, unless the creditor agrees to waive your obligations should you lose the case or don’t receive payment.

Apply for Pre-Settlement Funding

Settlement or litigation funding is a cash advance that does not require collateral or credit. But rather than financing litigation directly, it provides the cash you need for everyday expenses. It’s taken out of your future settlement and you’ll pay back a previously determined amount when your case does settle. Look for funding companies that require no upfront payments, offer term-based paybacks, and don’t require repayment if you don’t win.

Contact Fund Capital America

If we approve your request, you’ll pay nothing out of pocket for pre-settlement funding. You can be approved as soon as the same day, and our application process is simple. Just provide us with some basic details and we’ll speak with your attorney about your case, then make an offer to you. A personal injury settlement can take some time, but we’ll ensure you have much-needed cash in the interim.

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