11 Common Questions About Personal Injury

The aftermath of an accident is an uncertain time. Aside from dealing with injuries and expenses, one must figure out how to file a claim. A personal injury attorney’s job is to help win your case, but the legal process discourages many people. Here are answers to several questions to help get the most out […]

Should You Always Call the Police After a Crash?

Contacting the police should be one of the first things you do after a crash. The information gathered is critical for an insurance claim or case set up by an accident attorney. But a police presence isn’t the only key to a successful car accident injury claim. There are many reasons to contact the authorities, […]

Finding Justice for a Loved One After a Fatal Accident

Losing a loved one is perhaps the most traumatic event a person can face. When the negligence or wrongdoing of another party is the cause, of a fatal accident the sense of devastation and despair can be amplified. Those in your support circle say you need to pick up the pieces. But finding an accident […]

How Medical Bills Are Paid After an Accident

Personal injuries sustained in an automobile collision or any other accident can require expensive medical treatment. However, there are options as to how medical bills from an accident get paid. This all depends on the state you live in and the type of insurance you have. In California, there are “at fault” insurance laws. Whoever […]

How to Talk to Your Insurance Adjuster

A car accident is a critical event in one’s life. The physical and emotional toll may be hard to control. However, the actions taken hours and days after an accident can have exacting consequences on you and your family’s financial well-being. That includes how you handle insurance adjusters. Whether the accident was your fault or […]

Filing a Personal Injury Claim in California as an Undocumented Immigrant

In California, undocumented immigrants have the right to file personal injury claims. This includes those who have been injured in an accident. As an undocumented immigrant, you can pursue legal compensation for damages, including for personal injury and wrongful death, without your status being made public. Does Filing a Claim Reveal One’s Immigration Status? Illegal […]

What to do If Hit by a Car on Your Bike

What do you do if you were hit by a car? A motor vehicle accident can easily severely injure or kill a bicyclist. There’s no frame around you or airbags for protection. The number of bicycle accidents in Los Angeles, including hit-and-run collisions, continues to increase. However, bicycle accident lawsuits can be challenging to pursue, […]

Sidewalk Bicycle Riding: Should You or Shouldn’t You

It seems to be one of the golden rules of bicycle riding—Don’t ride on the sidewalk. The laws vary by city and county. Some places outlaw sidewalk bicycle riding; others restrict it or don’t say too much about it at all, leaving you to rely on your own common sense. Bicycle accident attorneys always look […]

Which Express Lanes Can a Motorcyclist Use for Free?

Motorcyclists are often intent on reaching their destinations quickly. Express Lanes can help because there’s usually less traffic. The downside is using an Express Lane can be costly, but some are discounted or free for motorcyclists. Are Express Lanes Accessible to Motorcyclists? Using an express lane is fairly simple. If you have a FasTrak Flex […]

Fitting and Caring for Your Bicycle Helmet

Some people feel a sense of freedom bicycling without a bicycle helmet. Reality sets in when you fall and hit your head, which may not feel so bad at first. But many head injuries don’t reveal their symptoms until perhaps days later, when the underlying problem may be much worse. Concussions, skull fractures, swelling, internal […]