Auto Accident Legal Funding to Help with Medical Bills

Personal injury claims most often involve auto accidents. There are literally millions of crashes in the U.S. every year, and tens of thousands of fatalities, with an even higher number of serious injuries such as broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, burns, and amputations. Any of these can warrant a legal settlement to cover damages, but getting there is a challenge, which is where legal funding in Los Angeles can help.

Being injured in a car accident can lead to high medical bills and leave you out of work. Legal fees, let alone living expenses, can be too much to bear. Pre-settlement funding, an alternative to lawsuit loans, does not require collateral or a credit check, but the fees can be quite steep. It’s therefore important to read the fine print in the contract your funding company provides, and also take the advice of your car accident attorney.

The problem is many funding companies charge predatory terms and hidden fees. As a plaintiff receiving funding, you may end up owing several times the amount you initially borrowed!

You can avoid this situation with:

An injury may dramatically reduce your available income. If you can’t work, lost wages can leave you scrambling to pay the rent, medical bills, car payments, and for groceries. The last thing you need is to have thousands more to pay due to unfair practices.

Many funding companies advertise the benefits of settlement funding over a loan, but they don’t offer a much better solution. Auto accident loans should be risk free. After all, they are a method of taking equity out of your case and ultimate settlement. Rather than make things more difficult, lawsuit funding should make it easier to cover living expenses, costs of ongoing medical treatment and therapy, or mortgage, college, or child support payments.

Fund Capital America: Fast Cash with No Strings Attached

We offer a fast application process and can provide full funding within 24 hours. Best of all, there’s no fear of getting overcharged. You will be informed of any fees up-front. There are no hidden costs, while our direct funding is available in three ways; you can request a one-time lump sum, monthly installments, or advances as your case progresses.

The terms of our legal funding are clear. You can use the cash for anything, whether its to pay rent, cover the bills, fix your car, pay or get to medical treatments, or manage family obligations. There is also:

Basically, even if your case loses, you still win because the cash won’t need to be paid back unless you reach a settlement. Repayment is based only on the time you use the money, your recovery time, and the time until your case reaches a settlement.

Fund Capital America also offers help accelerating your accident settlement.  Personal injury lawsuits take time and a settlement may not be reached for weeks, months or years.  By using the reversed mortgage principle, we can get you the money you need right away while you’ll pay it back later as a percentage of your final settlement amount.

We also offer to help refinance your cash advance!  If you are stuck in a loan or with another lending company that is becoming too expensive, we can create a new one so you essentially start over with something more affordable.

Fees are based on the risk of your case. However, all terms and fees are outlined in your initial contract so there are no surprises. Avoid getting overcharged by a funding company by applying with Fund Capital America today. We’ll be in touch with your car accident attorney and be prepared to make an offer within 24 hours. Call us today for a free consultation!