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Injured in an accident that you were not at fault for?  Whether it was a car accident, slip and fall, or truck accident in Fresno, or any other type of misfortune that wasn’t your fault, you probably will have days if not weeks which you will not be able to work which will cause you deal with a  a steep increase in bills and other financial responsibilities. But there is a solution. Lawsuit funding can help you afford basic necessities to continue your life knowing you can pay your bills, while allowing more time for your attorney fights for the fairest settlement possible. It’s also easier and more affordable than settlement loans.

A Fresno lawsuit cash advance can help you: FCA Legal Funding works with your personal injury lawyer to determine how much funding you need and forwards you cash from your settlement within 48 hours of contacting us.  As opposed to a lawsuit loan, legal funding does not take your credit score into consideration–your funding is based solely on the merits of your case.

No Win
No Repayment


Pay Nothing Out of Pocket

Paperless Process

Same Day Funding

Term Based Payback

Auto Accident Statistics in Fresno

In 2017, the Fresno Police Department reported 3,261 automobile collisions, 1,138 of which caused injuries. Compared to 2016, there was a 7% reduction in crashes, when there were 3,523 collisions and 1,305 injury-related crashes. The number of injury collisions dropped 13%. Increased law enforcement against speeding, seatbelt use, distracted driving, and driving under the influence has been attributed to a decline in collisions.

However, 52 people were killed in fatal collisions in Fresno in 2017, 13 of whom were killed by impaired drivers and 25 were pedestrians. Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident, a slip and fall, or sustained any other type of personal injury, we provide legal funding for attorneys and plaintiffs so you don’t have to settle early.

The City of Fresno

Fresno lies within the San Joaquin Valley. The city of Fresno is the largest in the Central Valley with a population of 509,039 in 2010, ranked 1st in Fresno County and 5th in California in terms of population.

The City of Fresno has numerous attractions that showcase the culture of the city. Some of these include the Azteca Theater, Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium, Victory Church, and the African-American Museum of the San Joaquin Valley.

The city of Fresno lies on the way to Sacramento, the state capital, and is only 60 miles from the natural beauty of Yosemite National Park.

After the Gold Rush, Fresno was founded in 1872 by the Central Pacific Railroad Company.  The county was irrigated through a series of canals decked with palms, eucalyptus, and other drought-resistant trees. By the turn of the 20th century, the young city was drawing farmers from Scandinavia and all over the U.S.

Fresno’s climate made it ideally suited for agriculture, especially the production of raisins.  By 1890, the city’s population had ballooned to over 10,000 residents.  Streetcars first appeared in Fresno in 1892.  The Scandinavian farmers were soon joined by Chinese railroad workers, Germans, Japanese, and Armenians, followed by an influx of Hispanics in the early 1900s. Now, Fresno is home to dozens of ethnic groups.

Today, in addition to a booming agriculture sector, the city also boasts one of the country’s largest blues festival, firefighter department events, and an impressive air museum, no top of opportunities to shop and eat in the downtown Tower District.

Other cities in the county include:

Clovis – Reedley – Sanger – Selma – Kingsburg – Coalinga – Kerman – Mendota – Parlier – Orange Cove – Firebaugh – Fowler – Huron – San Joaquin

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Providing Lawsuit Funding Throughout Fresno and all California

An alternative to lawsuit loans, our funding options have both attorneys and plaintiffs covered.

Litigation Financing for Plaintiffs:

If you are a plaintiff seeking a settlement in a personal injury case, we can provide direct cash advance funding with no credit check and no hidden fees. If you can’t afford a case, we can provide funding to support you and your family’s needs.

Litigation Financing for Attorneys:

Our legal funding for attorneys in Fresno also does not require a credit check. As a plaintiff’s lawyer, you can receive funding to cover office and litigation expenses and to pay for discovery, witnesses, travel, and other costs related to a pending case. Litigation funding can therefore help you build a stronger case.

Financial Relief from a Leading Lawsuit Funding Company

Our Financial Relief Program is available to all eligible applicants looking for an accelerated settlement or to refinance an existing cash advance. Personal injury lawsuits can take up to several years. All the while, you must pay the bills and for daily essentials, not to mention medical and legal fees. That’s a steep mountain to climb if you’re injured and out of work. If you need financial relief beyond legal funding, we offer the following options:

Accelerated Accident Settlement: Structured like a reverse mortgage, an accelerated settlement pulls cash out of your future settlement, which is sold back to FCA Legal Funding as a portion of those proceeds. The pre-settlement funding you receive is then like equity on a home, a sort of future asset you owe back later. In the meantime, you can afford to pay for rent, medical bills, food, and to pay off debt.

Lawsuit Cash Advance REFI/Cash Out Program: If you’re short on cash, the prospect of a prolonged legal case can seem daunting. Perhaps you’ve taken out a cash advance, but are finding its terms and high fees unaffordable. We can refinance it like an injury loan, creating a new advance with a lower fees. You then shift the risk to us, which may also qualify you for an additional non-recourse advance, and higher cash out.

Cases We Fund

Personal Injury

Personal Injury: Personal injury cases can significantly affect your quality of life and income earning ability. We can fund a variety of personal injury cases, including:

Our legal funding specialists in Fresno can fund nursing home negligence and wrongful death cases as well.

Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents: If you were injured in an auto accident, we can work with you to fund your auto accident case. We offer legal funding for:

Product Liability

Product Liability: Defective or improperly installed products can cause automobile accidents. Consumer products and industrial machinery and equipment have also been the focus of difficult personal injury cases.

Medical Devices

Medical Devices: Defects with implantable medical devices can have severe consequences. Contact us if you have a case dealing with hip implants, knee replacements, hernia mesh, or any other medical device, and need a cash advance to pay for your medical bills.


Pharmaceuticals: Improperly formulated, dosed, or labeled drugs can be dangerous, even deadly.

Labor Law

Labor Law: Construction, train, and maritime companies are represented by powerful firms and insurance companies, often leading to protracted cases. With plaintiff and attorney funding in Fresno, you can stand your ground and keep fighting.

Accounts Receivables

Accounts Receivables: In addition to litigation financing for attorneys, we provide surgery funding, case or receivable financing, and handle medical or doctor receivables. Funding is available for settled cases of all types.

Athlete Injuries

Athlete Injuries: Injured while playing for the NFL, NCAA, NHL, or WWE? We can provide funding until you get compensated or fund your Pop Warner lawsuit.

See If You Qualify for Legal Funding

If you’ve been in an automobile crash or injured in a Fresno hit and run accident, you can qualify for lawsuit funding. Our application form takes less than 10 minutes to fill out and submit. We’ll then be in touch with your lawyer. The information your attorney provides enables our underwriter to determine how much to offer. There’s no middleman and no application fee.

Legal Funding vs. Lawsuit Loans

Whether your case wins or not, you still win with FCA Legal Funding — you’ll get to keep your cash advance if your case loses. Fees are determined by the risk of your case. That’s not how a loan works. Getting approved for loan requires a credit check, plus fees are often prohibitively high. With car accident legal funding, there’s no out-of-pocket payment, and repayment is required only if there’s a recovery.

A lawsuit cash advance can be used to cover medical bills, which can strain your already tough financial situation, as well as lost wages, rent, and the cost of litigation. Never settle early with the defendant’s insurance company. Pre-settlement funding is the better choice.

Obtain the Settlement Funds You Need Today!

FCA Legal Funding offers premier legal funding to those injured in an accident through no fault of their own. While your injury attorney carefully works to hold the negligent party accountable for their actions, we make sure you have the cash to get by until your case finally settles. Apply today and receive funding within 24 hours.

Our team has spent years getting injured clients the pre-settlement funding they need quickly and easily. Let us take on the risk; you don’t even need to repay anyone if you don’t win your case. The process is simple and can put much-needed cash in your hands. It is paperless, and there’s no upfront payment or hidden fees.

Get in touch with us as soon as you can by calling us at (310) 424-5176 or reaching out online today!

Get Your Cash Within 24 Hours

First, the online application is free and simply relates to us the relevant matters of your accident to ensure that you qualify for settlement funding.

Pay ONLY When You Win

Once we receive your online application, we will contact your personal injury lawyer to get your personal injury lawsuit specifics to determine offer.

No Credit History or Income Check

Within 24 hours of talking to your personal injury attorney we will make you a lawsuit advance offer. You can then decide how much accident cash advance you require.


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