Pre-Settlement Funding When You Need it

Lawsuit funding can be a life-saving option when it comes to meeting your immediate financial needs after an accident.

If you have been in a serious car accident, you might not be in a position to return to work, and may need to remain out of work for a long time. You may be unable to meet your financial obligations especially when you are in the middle of a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation.

Considering the seriousness of motor vehicle accidents, both your case and recovery can take months or even years to be resolved. Such personal injuries can be quite devastating, especially when a victim is severely injured and may not be able to return to work or to work in the same capacity.

Can’t work because of an accident? Call Fund Capital America!

All of these financial responsibilities and challenges can add to your stress if it is taking longer than expected to obtain your financial settlement. However, when you face any such, situation then your best bet is to consider obtaining pre-settlement funding through a reputable lawsuit funding company such as Fund Capital America.

Generally, in personal injury claims, the insurance company delays as much as possible to draw out the case. This eventually puts pressure on the injured party to agree upon the settlement amount that might be just a fraction of what they deserve. However, if you want to avoid this stress, don’t hesitate to opt for California legal funding to meet your financial demands and to ensure that you reach to a favorable conclusion of your personal injury case.

Meet your financial need with California Legal Funding

You can use this money for any purpose, including paying your rent, making car payments, mortgage, or utility bills, etc. Hence, you can easily meeting your financial deadlines.

If you are unable to work due to an accident, you can be fairly compensated through a personal injury suit. In the meantime, get the cash you would otherwise earn from your job through pre-settlement funding before your claim is wrapped up.

Fund Capital America works quickly to get clients pre-settlement funding so they can pay their bills after an accident. This is not a lawsuit loan—you don’t even need to pay us back if you don’t win your case!

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