Applying for a lawsuit cash advance online is the easiest and fastest way to receive funds before your case settles. Using an online application, you can request a first-time cash advance or take advantage of cash advance refinancing. The funding company will proceed with evaluating your electronic application as soon as it’s received.

Benefits of Applying for a Cash Advance Online

When you need legal funding, time is of the essence. There are deadlines to keep up with and each step of the litigation process requires patience. In some cases, fees and payments factor in along the way. Being approved for a loan by a bank or creditor can be challenging, especially if your income is reduced or your situation prevents you from abiding by their terms.

However, applying online for a cash advance is beneficial for the following reasons:

Can I Apply for a Cash Advance Refinance Online?

You can submit an online application for a cash advance refinance. If approved, you’ll receive additional funds and possibly a change in repayment terms. This can result in lower monthly payments; in the case of a non-recourse lawsuit loan, we’ll reduce the amount deducted from your future settlement. Refinancing can also:

By refinancing a lawsuit cash advance you applied for online, you can also shift the financial risk. If you previously received an advance from another lender (or self-funded a case), this can reduce your financial burden.

When you apply online, we can quickly determine if you’re eligible for legal funding. The qualifications generally include being injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, having retained an attorney, and having filed a lawsuit. For refinancing, you must be a plaintiff represented in a lawsuit, have already received a cash advance on your settlement, or be a recipient of medical-legal financing. 

You may also be an attorney who’s received financing to fund a case or who has self-funded a case that’s costing more than anticipated.

To apply for either a cash advance online or cash advance refinancing from Fund Capital America, you need to provide:

If you’ve never received a lawsuit cash advance, applying online can get you the funds you need quickly. Refinancing a cash advance can update the terms of the agreement and help provide financial support if your circumstances have changed. It can also help if your case is taking longer to settle than expected.

Apply for a Lawsuit Cash Advance Online with Fund Capital America

Our application process is simple, paperless, and requires no upfront payments. If you’re eligible for lawsuit funding, you can receive a same-day cash advance that’s paid back out of your future settlement proceeds. You can also receive a cash advance refinancing decision. To get started, provide your name, contact information, and the basic details of your accident, along with your attorney’s name and phone number. If you have questions or need assistance with your online application, call 855-870-2274.