A defendant’s insurance policy limits include important details for an injury claim investigation. Liability limit tracing helps obtain crucial details about coverage available for property damage, bodily injury, and other claims. Pursuing any claim comes with challenges. Investigating liability limits helps overcome potential obstacles and provides your attorney with the vital information they need to navigate your case.

What Details Are Revealed with Liability Limit Tracing?

Investigating the defendant’s insurance policy can take time, but it’s a crucial part of building your claim. Liability limit tracing can obtain pertinent details such as:

Liability limit tracing also determines the maximum amount available so an attorney can negotiate for a severely injured client. If the maximum policy amount doesn’t cover all the expenses and damages, an attorney can identify other means to pursue compensation. Therefore, this stage is an extremely important part of any injury claim investigation.

What Are the Benefits of Liability Limit Tracing?

Insurance liability limits should be investigated at the beginning of a case or before it is filed. The benefits of tracing liability limits and outsourcing this step to a third party include:

If treatment costs more than the available coverage, an attorney’s client will have out-of-pocket expenses that create undue stress. Searching for additional coverage or areas of liability can help increase compensation beyond coverage limits. However, your legal team must first determine what coverage is available. 

A defendant doesn’t have a legal duty to disclose the amount. They’re more likely to authorize disclosure if the claim is an amount more than the policy limit. But their cooperation, or lack thereof, can create roadblocks in a case. You can see how having an outside provider do the research can be beneficial.

How Is Insurance Policy Tracing Done?

Obtaining insurance policy limits can be a multi-step process. In addition to the steps above, a personal injury attorney also sends questions to the defense, which must be answered under oath. If you have direct access to an insurance policy, identifying policy limits is easy; they’re usually listed on the declaration page. However, it can be challenging from a legal perspective, which is a good reason to have an insurance research service help with this step of an injury claim investigation.

At Fund Capital America, we have insurance experts and reliable information sources that help us investigate and trace liability limits. Our turnaround time is fast. Case updates are provided on our portal. We investigate insurance auto insurance, business/commercial insurance, homeowner’s/renter’s insurance, and umbrella policies. Our team can also investigate insurance policy limits for malpractice, premises, and product liability cases.

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