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How Legal Funding for Attorneys and Law Firms Excels Over Other Financing Options

Legal Funding for Attorneys and Law Firms

Starting and running a law firm costs a lot of money. Then there’s the financial weight of filing a lawsuit and proceeding until a personal injury client’s case settles. There are many financing avenues legal professionals can consider. But legal funding for attorneys and law firms can get around some tight financial corners. Billable hours, […]

How to Maximize Your Lawsuit Funding: Tips for Making the Most of Your Funds

Lawsuit Funding

During a personal injury lawsuit, your focus is on being financially compensated for expenses related to your accident. But the legal process incurs many costs. It can be hard to budget, let alone cover, medical bills, rent, groceries, and other living expenses (especially if you’re out of work). Lawsuit funding can cover all of these, […]

How Vehicle Recall Laws by State Affect Your Legal Funding

Recall Laws

Vehicle recalls are issued by manufacturers if a defect is found, whether it involves the engine or brake parts, airbags, or something as simple as floor mats or a keyless fob. Far too often, such defects result in accidents and injuries. A recall lawsuit is often a complex matter. To complicate things further, there are […]

How to Get an Out of Court Settlement

Court Settlement

Litigation and court trials are expensive. Parties in a lawsuit often agree to an out of court settlement to resolve their dispute and save money, time…

Coronavirus Leads to Increase in Demand for Lawyers & Legal Funding

Lawyer in Gloves | FCA

As coronavirus has spread across the nation, employers have been forced to close, causing financial hardship for millions. State and local governments have limited social gatherings, restricted restaurants to delivery and take-out only, and enforced stay-at-home orders during the pandemic. There’s also another impact of COVID-19—an increase in demand for lawyers, legal services, and legal […]

How Legal Funding Impacts Taxes

How Legal Funding Impacts Taxes

A lack of money can put a personal injury case in jeopardy. A pre-settlement advance can help a lawyer and plaintiffs, but there are tax considerations with pre-settlement funding. This can eventually affect your finances even with the new IRS tax deadline of July 15. Extended from April 15 due to the outbreak of the […]

Difference Between a Lawsuit Loan and a Pre-Settlement Cash Advance

Lawsuit Loan vs a Pre-Settlement Cash Advance

Personal injury cases get pushed back for many reasons. Courts are now relying on technology to push cases forward during the COVID-19 crisis, but some cases are being held back or put on hold altogether. If you’re out of work, the bills are due, and you’re facing overwhelming expenses, you need money now. Plaintiffs have […]

9 Important Facts About Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall Accident

More than one million slip and fall accidents occur in the U.S. every year, resulting in many lawsuits and thousands of deaths. Slip, trip, and fall incidents can be prevented, but the statistics are quite staggering. People suffer traumatic brain injury, fractures, and other life-altering outcomes and sometimes require surgery such as hip replacement. With […]

3 Ways Corporate Legal Departments Can Use Litigation Finance

Corporate Legal Department

A corporate legal department is often under great pressure to protect a company and ensure its survival. Nonetheless, internal pressures to control legal costs and leverage external litigation resources often prevail. Litigation is costly. There’s no way around it. But litigation finance is useful in many ways and can provide the resources your corporate legal […]

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