7 Ways to Afford the Upcoming Holiday Season

Legal Funding Can Help During the Holiday Season A personal injury case can leave you scrambling for financial help—not a place you want to be before the holidays. With legal funding in Los Angeles, you can afford bills, daily expenses, and holiday treats and gifts following a personal injury. Also, budgeting for the holidays will […]

4 Things To Look for When Searching for a Lawsuit Funding Company

What To Look for in a Lawsuit Funding Company Believe it or not, you can seek financial relief before your case even settles. Fund Capital America offers legal funding in Los Angeles & all of Southern California, and the process is simple. You need no collateral or credit, and don’t pay back unless your case […]

Are Disability Benefits Affected by a Settlement?

Disability Benefits and Legal Settlements The Social Security Administration has various ways of looking at personal injury settlements. When it comes to Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), your eligibility for benefits should not change. Your SSDI and Medicare benefits are not affected by your income, but rather your work history. However, income-based programs such as […]

3 Questions To Ask Before Committing To A Lawsuit Advance

What You Need to Know About A Lawsuit Advance If you’re like most people, an accident has the potential to cause significant financial setbacks in your life. Out-of-pocket expenses such as lost wages from having to take time off work due to injuries or even job loss quickly add up, and being consistently strapped for […]