How Your Attorney Can Help with Lawsuit Funding

In most personal injury claims, legal funding is a smart alternative to a lawsuit loan. However, most states restrict attorneys from directly providing clients with a lawsuit loan, as it creates a conflict of interest. An attorney with a financial investment in the outcome of the case cannot ethically perform their legal duties. Fortunately, there are better ways to obtain a lawsuit cash advance.

Why is Lawsuit Funding through Attorneys Unethical?

Lawsuit funding through an attorney creates an unhealthy situation for both the attorney and the client. To protect their investment, an unethical attorney may coerce the client to accept an early settlement, often for less than they deserve. In addition, if the case resolves unfavorably, the attorney may withhold the funds from the client, or the client may seek retribution.

An Attorney’s Role in Lawsuit Funding

While the attorney does not directly provide lawsuit funding, they are integral in the lending company’s decision to grant or deny a cash advance to the client. If you are seeking legal funding, consult your attorney to determine if this is your best course of action. Most personal injury attorneys are familiar with the pre-settlement process and can provide you with personalized advice. Keep in mind that a lawsuit cash advance is not an early reward for your personal injury claim. You should only use the cash to cover your expenses until your case is decided.

If your attorney recommends pre-settlement funding for your case, you can apply through a reputable company such as Fund Capital America. There is no credit check, and you can apply in minutes online or by phone. The company will then check with your attorney to get the details of your case and decide how much cash to offer you. Most applications are approved within a day. If you are approved, the cash is yours and you’ll only have to repay if you win your settlement.

The Best Way to Obtain Legal Funding

If you have filed a personal injury claim through an attorney, you may qualify for a lawsuit cash advance. If your case meets the requirements, FCA can provide you with legal funding within 24 hours. You can use the cash to pay your medical expenses and daily living costs while you wait for your case to resolve. Keep in mind that a lawsuit cash advance is not a loan. There are no predatory or hidden fees. The money is yours to use, and you are only required to repay it if you win your claim.

You may be eligible to receive legal funding for personal injury claims including:

If you are waiting for your personal injury lawsuit to resolve and need cash now, you need an experienced legal funding company on your side. Contact Fund Capital America to speak to an attorney and learn whether you qualify for a lawsuit cash advance.