Motorcyclists face a greater risk of major injuries and expensive aftermaths to accidents than other motorists. If a motorist is at-fault, legal funding in Los Angeles can help stay the course until your motorcycle accident attorney reaches a settlement. However, wearing the proper gear may help avoid the worst injuries. Here are some examples of must-haves during any ride:


Only 58% of motorcyclists wore their helmets regularly, according to a joint report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and National Center for Statistics and Analysis in 2005. A full-face helmet is safer and more effective than an open helmet. When choosing a helmet, look for one with brighter colors, earplugs or other noise-insulating properties, and one with sun protection.

Some of the best helmets include the Arai Quantum-X Helmet from RevZilla Motorsports, which is well-ventilated and blocks turbulent air. The Shark Race-R Pro Carbon Fibre Full Face Helmet has a 5-star safety rating (per British standards) and is certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Also, replace your helmet every five years, and immediately after a crash.

Eye and Ear Protection

Use eye protection if you ride without a full-face helmet. Riding at highway speeds, it’s impossible to keep your eyes open or prevent dust, bugs, or debris from getting in them, which can easily cause a crash. Frameless sunglasses such as the Bobster Shield II Sunglasses from RevZilla, are fine. They have polycarbonate lenses and UVA/UVB protection, while 100% Racecraft Goggles provide an even snugger fit, complete with a removable nose guard.

At high speeds, it’s important to protect your ears and still know other vehicles are nearby. Therefore, motorcycle earplugs aren’t totally soundproof. Used by musicians, Custom Fit Earpeace ear plugs offer varying levels of decibel protection and come in 16 different colors. These cost about $225, but you can spend as little as $30 with reusable NoNoise Motorsport Noise Filter Ear Protection from RevZilla Motorsports. They effectively filter wind and road noise.


A must-have for motorcyclists, jackets protect your upper body and even help absorb impacts, protecting your ribs and internal organs. Motorcycle jackets aren’t typical leather jackets. They’re made with chest protectors; back, shoulder, and elbow armor; and are more abrasion resistant and waterproof than other materials. Double-up seams prevent bursting upon ground contact. The Dainese Air Frame D1 Jacket is a lightweight, affordable option suited for warm and cold climates.


Jeans won’t protect your legs during a crash. Since leg injuries are so common, special riding pants such as these from Tobacco Motorwear, made of bulletproof Kevlar fibers, can keep you protected. These Dainese Alien Leather Pants are CE-certified and have hip armor and knee protectors built in. Riding pants should be long and comfortably fitting

Other protective garments include boots. Sneakers will not protect your feet and ankles in a crash, and don’t provide adequate slip-resistance. Gloves protect your wrists and the 27 bones in each hand, as well as connective tissues, while don’t forget elbow, shin, and knee guards either. They absorb impacts otherwise absorbed directly by your limbs and joints.

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