You can qualify for motorcycle accident lawsuit funding if you’ve suffered physical injuries, psychological distress, or monetary losses in a crash caused by another party’s negligence. An estimated 82,686 motorcyclists were injured in 2021, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).1 A motorcycle accident attorney can help bring a negligent party to justice and negotiate a settlement. However, this can take time. With motorcycle accident lawsuit funding, you can receive cash now; here’s how to qualify.

Qualifying Factors

Certain qualifying factors must be met to obtain a cash advance on a motorcycle accident settlement. These factors include:

At Fund Capital America, we have simplified the process of qualifying for motorcycle accident lawsuit funding. You can be eligible for a non-recourse cash advance if:

It also helps if the defendant is well-insured. It reduces the chances of delays and can help get a fair settlement. The funding company may see this as an incentive to give your application greater consideration, knowing there’s less risk it won’t be paid back. You’re more likely to get a cash advance at a good rate, especially if you have no previous lawsuit loan liens.

Benefits of Qualifying for Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Funding

When you qualify for legal funding, you:

Apply With Fund Capital America to See If You Qualify

Once you apply for motorcycle accident lawsuit funding, we’ll promptly get in touch with you and your attorney. You’ll quickly get a response about whether you qualify for funding and for how much. Our offer is based on the projected settlement of your lawsuit. The application process is paperless, and you can receive a funding decision within 24 hours. Apply for a non-recourse cash advance today. If you have questions, call (855) 870-2274.